Next Reporter Please!

Dear Nigerian Husband,

I trust all is well with you. I’m doing amazing. I got loads of butterflies in my belly at the moment. No, don’t ask me why.

Butterflies aside, I need your help here.

This lady came to the office asking for the reporter who wrote a certain article. After reading the byline on the story, the receptionist called me.
I went downstairs to meet this reader, shook her hands and asked her to come with me to my cubicle as she said she needed to talk.

I offered her a seat and before she sat down, she said “actually, I expected to see someone else.”

Am I just being crazy for thinking that was a disrespectful thing to say? Did she expect to see an older person? Perhaps young people like myself aren’t seasoned enough to be writers or something. Oh wait, she wanted to meet a man? She expected to see a lady dressed more ‘professionally,’? What? I’m lost! help me out here.



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