I Want the Smoothie, and I Want It Now!

One thing that runs my patience into the minuses is incompetent customer service and businesses who have zero regard for their customers’ time.

Let me explain.

I’ve had a bad knee for the past month and haven’t worked out in three weeks. Goes without saying that the pounds have stacked up and my belly isn’t looking as flattering as before, coupled with the fact that I’ve eaten everything under the sun.

So, for lunch today, I decided to have smoothie and some vegetables. I walked into the cafe that makes the smoothie i sometimes like. I know they have this bad thing of making you wait forever for your food, so I ordered and paid for my smoothie then left.
I returned 15 minutes later and the smoothie wasn’t ready. The waitress went into the kitchen and returned without it but with an excise “The ingredients for the smoothie are being made from scratch and it will take 15 minutes.”

Say what?!?

What do you mean by the ingredients are being made from scratch? You mean to tell me you guys have a farm in there where you instantly farm ginger, kale, lemon and other fruits? I mean, I paid 15 minutes ago, so if indeed those ingredients made from “scratch” are made in 15 minutes, surely that would have given you enough time to have my smoothie ready.

She didn’t even want to apologize right away. She said “so would you like to get your money back? Or wait?”

Seriously lady…. You don’t do that! You try to appease the customer.

I’m so made, I still don’t have the smoothie… And I promise I’m not mad because of the lady who saw me walking on the road and blurted out “Vou you’re getting fat.”

I’m done. I have stories to work on.



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