Life is too Short, Count Your Blessings! 

I’ve started many days without my morning devotion, I’ve gone several others with an ungrateful attitude, I’ve belittled the blessings in my life by comparing my life with that of others I think are doing “better” than me.

What an ungrateful girl I’ve been.

On my way to work this morning, I saw a very bright and lovely rainbow. The sight of that rainbow left me in so much awe. I thought “seriously God, how cool and awesome are your works?!?!” I’m grateful for such wonders that make me pause every now and then to be thankful for life and the “little” pleasures that come along with it.


Here’s a list of things I’m thankful for today.

I’m thankful for family – I feel blessed to still have both my parents and two grandmothers alive. The closest person to me I’ve had to mourn was my maternal grandad. I even hate to use the word “mourn” when I speak of his passing. He lived a very good live. He shouldn’t be mourned, but should be celebrated. My grandpa, Da Sunday Pam-Dusu was my hero! He ranks high in my list of the greatest humans to ever walk on this earth. He was humble, wise, God-fearing, loving, a disciplinarian, very generous and very caring. These don’t even scratch the surface on how great a man he was. He still lives forever on my memories! I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to called him my grandpa, my Dara. I feel blessed having all my immediate family members alive and well. We need oxygen to survive, but after that, family is important. (Two friends of mine lost their father this morning. DanDonald and Emma Alahirah. My condolences guys, may God continue to comfort you at this time. Rest in peace Baba Donald Alahirah) I’m thankful for good health – for the last two years, I’ve been pretty much health except for flu, fever, abdominal aches here and there. Many have passed away and I’m still here despite all my evil ways!

I’m thankful for friends – being away from family isn’t easy at all, but I’m grateful for friends God has placed in my life to help substitute that void of family.

I’m thankful for the environment – I live on the mountains and sometimes I get so caught up in everyday life that I forget to take the time out to just look over my porch and see the sea! What a lovely place I call home- The Virgin Islands.  I’m also blessed to live in such a peaceful territory. I continue to pray for my family and friends who love in not so secured countries and places and hope that one day, security won’t be such a big issue and worry.

I’m thankful for a job – as some of you may know, I’m a reporter. All my life, I’ve always wanted to be a journalist or a lawyer. My life isn’t perfect right now, but I am a reporter, I go to bed feeling fulfilled most nights, knowing I’m doing my part in keeping people informed. My teenager self should be eased with me, I think.

I’m grateful for a lot of things I can’t even name! God has been so good. I want to know all or some of what you guys are thankful for!

Be thankful!

7 thoughts on “Life is too Short, Count Your Blessings! 

  1. Moments like this always gets us, especially if you are career driven. But I am glad u reminded us of how much we need to pause and think and appreciate whatever we have.
    Well, as for me, I am thankful for a whole lot of things, from a successful photography career that has landed me in one of the biggest n oldest media firms in the world – Ringier Worldwide, to a growing brand called Black Photos, then to good health, sound mind, journey mercies round Nigeria then to family, friends, mentors and teachers and a whole lot more to list out.
    My life is a testimony of patience, passion and prayer, but most of all, I wouldn’t be where I am without God’s mercy, favor and grace.
    One thing is certain, I am not where I want to be (The greatest photographer alive!!) yet, but I know I have come a long way and its all God.
    If you don’t take anything from all I have written, take this, whenever you ask God for something u want dearly, just try and be patient cos when it’s time for u to have it, everything would fall in place easily and BooooooooooooooooM you got it. Just have a little more Patience.
    Thank u Nigerian Wife for reminding us on how grateful we need to be.

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