Old Spinster! 

imageHallelujah I’m not in Nigeria surrounded by the “You’re-next -aunties,” and I’m not attending any weddings where I’ll be constantly reminded of the need to get married. I’m only a few years below 30, but best believe this means nothing to those who think once you’re over 24 you should be in a marital home.

Anyway, that aside, I’ve just been thinking how boring and old I’m getting. I went to a magic show this evening and at the end of it all, I realized I barely laughed and I was very skeptical of the tricks that I couldn’t enjoy them. I’m sure younger me would have found those tricks really cool!  But at this age, I’m too old to believe half of that bullocks!

I came back home, showered and sat down to watch YouTube videos with a glass of Moscato.

Boys and girls, I’m sure my fellow unmarried mates are out there having a good time, possibly socializing with friends or even dancing. But no, I’m here watching The Ellen show and thinking of what recipe to try next!  Also, watching the show and removing “excess water” in my eyes looking at those feel-good features and gift givings on The Ellen Show.

(Dear Nigerian Husband, biko take your time, there are still a number of meals I haven’t learnt to cook yet. I don’t intend on having you eating out all the time)

Since Christmas, I notice I’ve been so domesticated. I’ve been cleaning more than usual, cooking and baking more and generally being a Martha Stewart.

I think the only thing left is for me to get some cats and rekindle my love for knitting, then start hosting tea parties!

Boys and girls, here’s a toast to being old at a really young age.

Sorry guys, it’s almost midnight, I should be asleep. I have to go to the gym in the morning!


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