I Got Robbed! 

I just got robbed and I can’t even report the robbery to the police!

Calm down, I wasn’t physically hurt, but my wallet was. I don’t know if I can recover from such an act.

A few weeks ago, I went into a cafe close to my office to get my favourite green smoothie ( consists of kale, ginger, coconut, banana and pineapple) and I noticed one of the waitresses serving salad to a client. It looked like a lot of salad for $12 and also looked all manner of healthy!

Well, I visited the same cafe yesterday and I saw the salad on the menu but decided to get it today instead. I had this salad in mind since yesterday and created space for it.

I got there, ordered, but just to be sure, I asked lady if it was the same salad I saw previously and if it was filling. She assured me it was filling!

After waiting for nearly 20 minutes, she showed up with a scanty looking plate of salad. There were four less-than-quarter slices of tomatoes, five olives, cheese, lettuce and a few cubes of chicken!

I was shocked! $12???? For this? I was so shocked and speechless I couldn’t say a word.

I ate the salad so fast but couldn’t help but wonder how much salad i’ll have if I actually buy the ingredients myself and made the darn thing at home!

Call me cheap, but I feel pained!

It’s not that this cafe is a fancy, dress-in-your-best-outfit cafe or anything!

I need to call my friend Nekita and change the venue of our lunch meet for next thursday! I’m not about to get robbed voluntarily again.

If and when I want fancy-restaurant-over-priced salad, I’ll dress up and go to a restaurant close to my office!


Oh, to their credit, I enjoyed the jazz in the background and the window seat- all of which I can enjoy when I make my own salad under $12!


8 thoughts on “I Got Robbed! 

  1. Thanks for making me jump off ma sit, jacking an AK47 from the roadside-police and heading straight to the airport after seeing that caption “I Got Robbed”, only for me to read the remaining story already on the plane, and now I can’t turn back! You got me right there, but nna mehn $12 for salad you don enta 1 chance be that fa hehe… Anyways we’ll go visit that cafe when I arrive… Lol

  2. Oh it happens at a lot of establishments here. Many times I’m disappointed. I always find myself saying “I could have went home and do the same thing and enjoy it a whole lot more.” It’s okay, my dear, time heals all wounds.

  3. lwkmd! I feel your pain girl,happens a lot over here in Nigeria,a plate of one cup of rice with carrots for #1500…painful lol

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