Emma, Learn to Cook! 

Next time never ever dare me or tease me with Nigerian food(s) I don’t have at my disposal!

Here’s the story.
Over the weekend, my good friend Emma thought it wise to tease me with photos of cake he baked. He was huffing and puffing about that cake and how his neighbors were all lined up at his door waiting for the cake.

Emma was basically trying to belittle me and my cooking skills.
Well, you my friend just got served!
Here’s a picture of my dinner last night.
It’s chicken-mushrooms in a white wine sauce.
Now beat that!
I decided to treat myself to nice dinner last night and at the same time cook something I could throw back in your face!


13 thoughts on “Emma, Learn to Cook! 

  1. Dear Miss Gyang, I got news for you, you just made matters worse by taking it to the streets. The streets is where I belong and since you’re here puffing the air, I only have but to shush it up for you. Nice sauce, sadly I can’t taste it to know how horrible it tastes hehe ironically I.e. Just watch out for meee sweetheart!!!

  2. Looks yummy! Is it healthier than his cake?

    Btw, did you see the We African Nations, video about guys looking for someone to cook for them? Hilarious, if you take it in a light-hearted way. I hope you don’t mind that I share the link here:

    • Hey! Please do share the link! Who knows, I just might really cook for one of them as the Nigerian wife ( I really should write to my Nigerian Husband one of these good days. Lol )
      Don’t mind Emma, he’s been silenced. Lol I sent him a picture of spaghetti and honey chicken I made for lunch today. I don’t think he can ever recover from such a loss. Lol

  3. Did you say silenced??? Plzzzzzz, that horrible looking spaghetti didn’t shake a muscle and now you’re talking silenced c’mon Miss Gyang… I never went into shock talk more of convalescing, I think you’re just finished cos if that’s your best shot then its a hit-rock-bottom for you my dear Nigerian beauty queen wishing she could out my skills… lol. Just watch out for me this weekend, IT’S A BATTLE I’m staying back in town cos of you. You won’t see it coming!

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