Nigerian Puff Puff for the Nigerian Husband.

Dear Nigerian Husband,
I’m sure you’ve noticed, I hope and wish you’ve noticed that I’ve not written you for many months now.

Since The Contender and I parted ways, I thought you’d just surprise me and finally show your face.

Well, the joke was on me. You refused to show up, hence, I went researching on ways to make you show up faster.

In one letter I wrote to you previously, I told you I made Nigerian meat pies just for you! I went through the stress of learning how to make the delicious treats hoping you’ll appreciate my effort but you didn’t. I take you don’t like meat pies.

In a few other letters, I told you about how I made chin chin, how I made jollof rice and even some soup just for you.  Yet, you this diva of a man, you this fine and rare pedigree of a Nigerian man has refused to show up.

I got news for you Nigerian Husband.

I’m sure you haven’t heard, but I’ve been researching things about you and from probing around, I learnt you liked puff puff, so I decided to get into the kitchen and work some magic.

I skipped gym yesterday, rushed home and decided to make you some puff puff.  Trust me, I really did put a lot of love into this Nigerian snack!

I doubt you’ll bother make these yourself.( I mean, why should you even bother? I make these well enough for you and me.)

But in theevent you have time outside your very busy schedule (you’re a very hardworking man, building a future for the big family we intend to have) to make these, here’s a simple recipe you can follow. And you’re a smart man, so I won’t tell you about portions. I simply just eye-ball ingredients.

And here’s what you do:
You add all the dry ingredients, add very little water and mix them all together until you have a somewhat thick batter
Cover your mixture with foil or whatever you wish for about 45 minutes.

Afterwards, you scoop your batter with a spoon and fry in very deep hot oil.
Fry until it’s golden brown.
Yup, you guessed it, that’s all!

After I made more than 20 puff puff balls, you still didn’t show up, so I gathered the puff puff balls to a pot luck dinner at my landlord’s apartment upstairs.  We cleared them all but just incase you do decide to show up, I can make puff puff for you

But while you still plan your grand arrival, I’ll be working on perfecting all the Nigerian meals I plan on constantly cooking in that big house I’ll like us to have.

Yours in marriage eventually,

Vou- The Nigerian wife.


27 thoughts on “Nigerian Puff Puff for the Nigerian Husband.

  1. Whaaa! I’ve never had puff puff and now I must find some! I love trying new foods while traveling, but I haven’t visited anywhere in Africa yet. I had a friend from Nigeria (we’re anthropologists, so I hope that will explain the tenancy to potluck ^.^) who made one of the most delectable yam dishes I’ve ever had. Thanks for sharing, this was lovely!

    • Hey Meghan,
      Puff puff really is a nice snack. I hope you find someone to make them for you or you can even try it yourself.
      Indeed, we Nigerians make some amazing yam dishes.
      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Hey boo, how much I love puff Puff!! (literally) can’t wait to finish the project here so you don’t have to squat or live in face me- I face you compound. I want the best for us.
    So keep perfecting ur culinary skills, I would get the paper for us, then we would live happy ever after..


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  4. Wow they do look delicious! They remind me a lot of conch fritters. Definitely must try these puff puffs. Nigerian husband you are in store for some wonderful treats, this woman, Ngovou, is the

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