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Not Jealous, I Promise.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

You should know this by now, i really do enjoy working out. Apart from exercise helping to sculpt the body that will carry your offspring, it also keeps me sane and prevents me from going to jail (Just kidding, You don’t have to worry about that at all- I’m from a good home and know how to handle my anger.)

DSC_1604So for the past two years, I’ve exercised somewhat consistently and if not for bad eating habits every now and then, I’ll be on several runways around the world making money that will help in building that big family house we are going to have.
Lately though, I’ve taken the Continue reading

The Joys of Reporting.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

I live and work and in Nature’s Little Secrets- the Virgin Islands- and can’t thank God enough for such an opportunity. I wake up with lush green hills laid before my apartment, with the lovely blue skies and a view of the ocean. Live is generally good.

The Virgin Islands is just a tiny little spec on the map. Heck, the population is just under 30,000. There are a few unpleasant and grumpy folks, but generally, everyone is nice, jolly and cheerful.

My dear Nigerian Husband, I can’t wait for Continue reading

Do I Really Have to Be Nice?

imageFace it, most of the time, being kind to others is the farthest from what we really want to do. It sometimes takes effort. Over time, I guess it becomes almost second nature. I try my best to do kind acts every now and again, but this week especially, I found myself thinking of being kind to others. I’ve always heard that we must all be kind to others as we don’t really know what battles they are fighting. What led to all this Zen-ish thinking this week? Continue reading