The Joys of Reporting.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

I live and work and in Nature’s Little Secrets- the Virgin Islands- and can’t thank God enough for such an opportunity. I wake up with lush green hills laid before my apartment, with the lovely blue skies and a view of the ocean. Live is generally good.

The Virgin Islands is just a tiny little spec on the map. Heck, the population is just under 30,000. There are a few unpleasant and grumpy folks, but generally, everyone is nice, jolly and cheerful.

My dear Nigerian Husband, I can’t wait for you to experience this for yourself – if you’re not already here that is.

Being a reporter here is sometimes a pain, but all told, there’s more joyful and memorable encounters here than not.
In the past, I’ve gone to interview people in their homes and I’ve been offered full course meals, crackers, drinks and gifts of all sorts. Great, sound and lifelong advice too.
Also, there are those who show at at the office often bearing gifts ranging from fresh produce, freshly baked treats and sometimes even jewelry.

I’ve had several interviews I’ve thought to be very insignificant until the folks I’ve interviewed read the articles and call to say thanks for helping to tell their stories. In one instance, this senior citizen I interviewed turned up at the office with a card and a personal message in it. The card came on a day when almost everything around me made me question my life decisions, specifically the decision to be here and not in Nigeria.
However, I’ve also had some other people tell me some pretty hurtful and nasty things I’d rather not repeat.

But this isn’t the essence of this post. This is all about small community reporting- as cheesy as it may be.

I’ve had a very good day today.
I spent a part of my morning with a group of kindergarten students, attempting to explain the duties of a reporter.

Just less than an hour ago, I received a call from a faithful reader, who never passes me by without saying something encouraging and uplifting.

“Vou, are you going to vote?”

“No Mr. “Kind,” I don’t have voting rights,” I answered.
“In that case, I will vote for you and I,” he said.

That made me feel good- I’ve never voted in my life. I’m always absent from Nigeria each time elections come around, so knowing someone cares enough to exercise their democratic right with me in mind was very heartwarming.
“Well, thanks Mr. “Kind.” I trust you’re going to make the right choice come June 8,” I added.

Before he ended the call, he said “Well, Vou don’t fail to stop me on the road to say hello and give me a hug too.”

This is among many encounters I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. These are the types of memories I’ll always have of the Virgin Islands.

Life is good!

Smile often, live, laugh, love, fart out loud and be silly; life is too short.

Yours in marriage eventually,


14 thoughts on “The Joys of Reporting.

  1. Hey future Wifey, I see you appreciating the little you have, but i think having a visual to the images u creating would not be a bad idea, esp the porch and the ocean view.

    Keep living the moment, I would join you soonest, so we get to savor the morning breeze together squeezed tight on that swinging couch hanging on the ceiling with the ocean starring back at us.

    Yours in future marriage.

  2. As usual, a post worth reading. Puts a lot in perspective.
    Gotta say where you live sounds like a place to visit! Nothing quite like that community feeling. Jos had that feeling and I miss that quite a bit.

  3. As a journalist on a island in the Caribbean too I can relate and appreciate this post truly. Lol. Community journalism isn’t easy cause you will see your interviewee again, even daily lol. So yes, you gotta take the good with the bad and alwayssss have a positive attitude.
    Hope your future hubby understands all you bring to the table some day, all the tropical stories about islanders living in the V. I.

  4. Its really fascinating to me that you live in the virgin islands. It sounds really amazing there. And this your future Nigerian husband is a lucky guy with all the future treats you have in store for him ๐Ÿ™‚

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