Wikipedia; The Truth… Not.

Blog 1Dear Nigerian Husband,
So, I managed to get things right on Sunday; I didn’t mix up my flight date or time. I need a medal for that, don’t you think?
I got to the counter and the flight agent wouldn’t check me in because, according to a list she had on her desk, Nigerians need a visa to travel into St. Kitts and Nevis.

My dear, you know I checked all the details before hand right? I specifically went to the official website of St. Kitts and Nevis and it clearly stated that citizens of the Commonwealth don’t need visas.
Well, Lady-LIAT wasn’t having it. I told her I checked online and she decided to check ‘online’ as well.

“Ma’am, I’m checking here online too and it says you need a visa,” she said.
So I kindly asked which website she was referring to and she said “I’m here on Wikipedia.”

My dear husband, my jaws dropped and I started laughing. She was bent on what her precious Wikipedia said and wouldn’t even consider the official website of the country I was heading to.

Trust me, my Nigerian Husband, I wanted to go on Wikipedia and change the information/requirements myself, but that wouldn’t have been a terrible thing on my path, but for goodness’ sake, who in this day, age and on this planet doesn’t know not to rely on Wikipedia?

Well, eventually, she called immigration at SKB and they cleared me to board.

Needless to say, I had a fun trip over to SKB despite the delay.
I got there and met up with a former colleague- Javon- who was such a gracious host. He was my tour-guide for the day, took me all around the city. Dude basically gave up his afternoon.

The next day, after my meeting/appointment, I was at a coffee shop- mainly because there was free wifi- when I saw a guy I know- Alston. He spends his time between the Virgin Islands and St. Kitts. We were both surprised to meet each other in a different country. I had interviewed him a few years ago on an article I was working on.

Like Javon, Alston gave up his day to show me around and basically keep me company as my flight was a late night flight.
We spoke for hours, got lunch and ice cream. We talked about everything, basically.
I read him some of my poems, he told me quite a bit about what he does and how he sees himself being of benefit to others. What a plan he has and I’m sure he’ll accomplish all that and more.

Oh… He’s also looking to get into blogging. Who knows, one of these good days, he’ll become so famous I’ll need to tag on to his blog for views/hits.

Life is good,


9 thoughts on “Wikipedia; The Truth… Not.

  1. hehehe, ‘free WiFi’…Nigerians no dey slack. I need free WiFi over here oh….as for d babe & Wikipedia lol, I reserve my comment

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