Almost Vegan Dinner. 

 Dear Nigerian Husband,  I’ve not been to the gym in almost three weeks. Needless to say, there are a few unwanted flabs here and there.

Until I’m able to go to the gym again, I shall try my best in the kitchen department.  Here, my favorite and go-to/feel-healthy/easy-to-prepare dinner; kale, mushrooms and salmon.

I made Nigerian meals, you didn’t show up, now I’m making meals a typical Nigerian man would consider as snack. Let’s see if this makes you show your face.

Yours in marriage eventually,  vou.


4 thoughts on “Almost Vegan Dinner. 

    • Hellena, thank you so much for the love! It gives me joy knowing others find my posts hilarious. Life is too short not to laugh or talk about silly things. I think I’ll stop writing the Nigerian Husband soon! He has refused to show his face. Lol
      I’ve tried viewing your blog, but it says it’s been deleted or not available. I’ll like to read some of your stuff too. 🙂

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