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You Fancy Huh? 

So there are a few fashion shows I enjoy attending. None beats Summer Sizzle BVI, which is organized by Terry Donovan of Signature by Terry Donovan.

This model, was among the list of really cool ones. I'm more than certain she's East African.

This model, was among the list of really cool ones. I’m more than certain she’s East African.

I’ve not been to many international fashion shows, but I like to think I’ve watched some and know one or two things about the runway and fashion ( I mean, I’m the fashion-entertainment-culture-and-more correspondent of The Beacon, how will it sound if I openly admit to knowing very little about fashion?)

As I type, I’m seated right at the end of the runway, where all the photographers and wannabe photographers have mounted their tripods and over priced equipment, waiting to shoot away at the models as they fling leg after the other clad in super expensive outfits.

To be honest, I enjoy watching the models and the intricately designed clothing they showcase, but Continue reading

The Ultimate Stalking Guide. Vol. 1.  

A few months ago, someone asked me if my frequent letters to the Nigerian Husband aren’t steering him away from finding me. I disagreed with that person.
But I’ve thought long and hard about that comment and I’m almost about to agree with the statement.

I’ve written, I’ve vented and I’ve complained to the Nigerian Husband. I’ve cooked for him- I’ve perfected my jollof rice, meatpie and chin chin cooking. I’ve refused advances from many men all because I’ve thought they aren’t up to the Nigerian Husband’s calibre.

I’m taking my attempts at finding the Nigerian Husband two notches up.

I’ve read that possibly, there isn’t such a thing as “Mr. Right.” Others have said Continue reading

Sushi All Day, Every Day

What’s up guys,

Here, please enjoy looking at this roll of California crab shrimp I ate a few weeks ago. I wasn’t entirely foolish to eat that sushi without taking photos of it. I thought of days like this when I’ll have nothing sensible at all to blog about.

I'm one of those that enjoy taking photos of meals I love, now go ahead and sue me.

I’m one of those that enjoy taking photos of meals I love, now go ahead and sue me.

So please, continue to gaze at this until I get inspiration on what to blog about next. Also, consider this part of my attempt at being nice. At least, no one would complain about me not sharing or anything.

(Looks like I have more than enough words to stop here.)

Live, love, laugh, smile, fart out loud and be silly; life is incredibly too short.


Natural Hair Inspiration. 


So during my visit to Nigeria in 2013, I met some of my little cousins who were born while so was away for about 8 years. I had to do a lot to try gain their trust and love too.

By the end of that trip, I was no longer “Aunty Kangyang’s sister,” I was their cousin/aunt ( you call anyone older than you Aunty/uncle)

It wasn’t only the time we spent together that helped; Continue reading