You Fancy Huh? 

So there are a few fashion shows I enjoy attending. None beats Summer Sizzle BVI, which is organized by Terry Donovan of Signature by Terry Donovan.

This model, was among the list of really cool ones. I'm more than certain she's East African.

This model, was among the list of really cool ones. I’m more than certain she’s East African.

I’ve not been to many international fashion shows, but I like to think I’ve watched some and know one or two things about the runway and fashion ( I mean, I’m the fashion-entertainment-culture-and-more correspondent of The Beacon, how will it sound if I openly admit to knowing very little about fashion?)

As I type, I’m seated right at the end of the runway, where all the photographers and wannabe photographers have mounted their tripods and over priced equipment, waiting to shoot away at the models as they fling leg after the other clad in super expensive outfits.

To be honest, I enjoy watching the models and the intricately designed clothing they showcase, but if I’m to be completely honest, I enjoy the people-watching more than anything.

Just to help you understand, this fashion show features professional models from around the world and some of the Virgin Islands’ best models too. Also, there some big name designers involved. And even, Taraji Henson is here – she’s the host.

With all that, attendees are mostly going to be dressed to impress! (My intern who is here with me, after seeing the fancy people says ” I feel so important.”)

People who’d normally say hello to you on the streets automatically pass you by with bold faces because they’re dressed in their best and well, you aren’t- you’re just a journalist/ paparazzi at the end of the runway.

How about those ladies who can barely walk in high heels?

So there’s this unwritten code most fashion savy people follow; you dare not show up in flats. I’ve seen one too many fashion-know-too-Muchs who look like they’ll tumble over with each step they take.

Fabulous males are an absolute favourite of mine at such events. The guests are just arriving and I’ve seen a lot of good looking and well dressed guys rocking their fedora hats, shorts and crisply ironed suits. What a pleasure to the eye. I think the guys are gaining more points in the dressing department.

Darling, is that a fake butt? One lady just passed right in front of me and she looks like she has some serious pads/foams underneath her pants. (I need to mind my business)

Moving right along….

I’d like to comment on the photographers and those who I know take the worse photos, but I’ll be pretentious and wait until I get home to edit this post and include what I see. Lol

I think I just saw the best dressed male! I’ll make sure I get a shot of him before the night is over. He’s not conventionally dressed at all! He has this middle- eastern vibe going with his dark robe-kaftan looking outfit and a bandana tied around his forehead. He finishes his outfit with a simple flat-open toed scandals. (Wheeeew, I sound like one of those high fashion folks too right?)

There’s something very encouraging and heartwarming about older ladies who know how to dress for fashion shows that feature mainly those who could be their grandkids. I saw two who were regally attired; one in her all white linen single-strapped dress and a veil to cover her shoulders, and the other in a nice anakara skirt and blouse! Kudos to aging gracefully and with a lot of style to dish out to the next generation.

The fashion show is late, but who cares, the music is jamming and the people watching is just fun!


You with the fake twistout listen, I took all the time in the world this afternoon to deep condition my hair and also to put in this faux bun that isn’t necessarily the best looking. It hurts my heart to see you in that lovely looking fro, which we can all tell is fake. Respect the hustle please, thanks. ( I promise, I’m not a natural hair Nazi)

Show is about to begin. I’ll add more to this post as the inspiration flows.

To the fashion show


One of Korto’s dresses.

I’m African and proud and no one does us Africans quite proud like Korto Momolu. When the girls began showcasing her collection, I was beyond proud! Korto has really nice clothing. Timeless dresses and very practical. Any girl can pick up most of her dresses and wear them feeling like a queen. You could be size 50 or size 5, this Liberian-born designer has something for you! Yes, my praise for her collection has everything to do with her being an African just like me, plus she had some lovely African tune playing as the collection was shown.

This particular male model sold Edwin D’Angelo’s collection for me. The guy totally wore the heck of some garment, which I won’t attempt the discribe. Amazing! Just amazing.

Also, one guy totally killed it with his Afro. All shades of handsome

Stay fabulous, say fashionable, don’t be fake, be comfortable.


One thought on “You Fancy Huh? 

  1. His fro is gorgeous! Give me his fro and take my slightly past shoulder lenght relaxed hair.
    I’m not interested in fashion, clothes are just about covering my nakedness for me, but you made this sound like fun… I’m pretty sure I’d be bored outta my mind at a fashion show though, unless I’m people watching but clothes watching? Bleh!

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