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Grateful Saturdays.

And there's a lovely cup of tea because usually such photos are used in reflective posts! Haha.

And there’s a lovely cup of tea because usually such photos are used in reflective posts! Haha.

Every now and then, i cancel out the world and just get into some deep zone of gratefulness.

Today, August 29 is one of such days.

I woke up Continue reading

World Jollof Rice Day. 

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today marks a very important today in world history.

Great minds somewhere finally decided to acknowledge and honour one of the world’s greatest wonder, a gift to Continue reading

Who Even Needs a Man? 

Dear Nigerian Husband,

I’m just about to round off on my letters to you. You’ve been nothing but disrespectful and callous by deciding not to show up.

What you did last night possibly is the proverbial straw that breaks the Carmel’s back.

Let me explain.

After my exercise yesterday, I decided to Continue reading

Show Stopping Eyebrows. 

I didn’t have the best day today. I’ve been feeling ill these past days. All I want to do right now is go home, forget my pursuit of abs and make me some fries and possibly some chicken.

Meanwhile, I just had the most interesting but disrespectful Continue reading

Seeking Forgiveness. 

I’m not sure my mom reads my blog, but in case she does secretly in hopes of using my posts as evidence against me in the family court, mom, this blog is for you. 

It’s just about 1 am on a Tuesday morning and I can’t sleep! Wanting to sleep, I began lamenting on my life and all the sins I’ve committed. 

Right now, at this sleepless moment of mine, no sin is greater than rebelling all those days and nights you forced us to sleep! I just want to say I appreciate you for that. If only I could have those times back, like right now really. 

Bye. Let me count sheep and see if sleep eventually shows up. 

Rice, because you’re African. 

Dear Nigerian Husband,

I’m totally confused as I type.

Watch this clip here first and you’ll understand the source of my confusion.

These very cute and seemingly well mannered African sons are complaining because Continue reading