Neighborhood Watchdog Award! 

 Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

There’s smoke in my apartment and brush fire right outside my home, but not to worry.

See how it started; I was laying in bed, being happy with myself for not lifting a finger for the day.  The plan was to stay in bed alllllll day and eat as much as I can from the little in the fridge.

All of a sudden, smoke somewhat filled the air and I could here the crackling sound of fire.

Mind you, for months now, we’ve had very little rain. Heck, since February, the Virgin Islands have had less than 4 inches of rain. So it goes without saying that our lush green hills have lost their vibrant color and almost everything looks dry and depressing. Thanks to this dry weather condition that’s been named El Niño.

With such dry conditions, it should be common sense that no one would burn any bush yea?

No, common sense isn’t so common after all. I went out the apartment and noticed the neighbors just under me were burning bushes and didn’t seem to have it under control.

I called the fire service right away. And I led them to the source of the fire.

Instead of the neighbors who live right next to the fire to pick me up on their shoulders and sing praises of me, one of them began to rain cusses at me for being “nosey.”

I didn’t mind though, because had I not called the fire service, that fire would have headed straight up to my apartment building as the guys didn’t seem to be doing a great job at containing the fire.

The fire service arrived within resonable time and got to work. In fact, I’ll say they got here very fast. Kudos to the Virgin Islands Fire and Rescue Service.

With all that story said, I’m just going to go right ahead and award myself the Neighbourhood Watchdog Award for the day.

Now, I shall retreat back to bed, I’ve executed my civic duty for the day. What would the world be like without super hero and nosey neighbors like me?

Thank you very much

Yours sincerely,

Neighborhood Watchdog Awardee, August-1-15


7 thoughts on “Neighborhood Watchdog Award! 

  1. You did do the right thing. I fear it will take someone’s home burning down before the government finds regulating the burning of bush important enough to set laws about it. A fireman said they have been trying for years to get legislation in place but without success. I am just glad that it was not your home to become the example.
    As for making the enemy, it is HER lost…she will never know the pleasure of having your jollof rice. What a fool indeed.

    • True Maggie, legislation should be put in place sooner than later, especially considering the dry weather now.
      You are very right! She can’t have any of my jollof rice. lol

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