Rice, because you’re African. 

Dear Nigerian Husband,

I’m totally confused as I type.

Watch this clip here first and you’ll understand the source of my confusion.

These very cute and seemingly well mannered African sons are complaining because they have to eat rice everyday!  I had to seriously laugh at this and at the same time ask myself over and over again, “what is wrong with this generation?”

Let me tell you just a little bit about my childhood, which I’m sure many Nigerians can relate to.  In our time, eating rice everyday was considered enjoyment. Do you know how we felt each time we heard rice was going to be cooked? We celebrated!

My mom was a secondary school teacher at the time and worked most afternoons. Hence, she had very little time to prepare us lunch every day. We had to learn to cook our own meals. One of the things she made sure we cooked well was beans!  Thanks to that episode of my life, I hated beans for many years.
You’ll go to school on a Monday, get back home and meet beans waiting on you. On that Monday, you wouldn’t mind too much. But returning from school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and meeting  beans broke you down mentally, physically, emotionally and all the ways possible. The mere sight of beans even, would make that hunger from hell disappear.

Hearing these cute boys whine about having to eat rice everyday took me back to my beans days.  We looked forward to Sundays mainly because of the rice we ate for lunch and sometimes dinner.

My Dear Nigerian Husband, times have really changed and I guess people no longer “suffer” as we did when we were children.

I liked the adult’s response when they asked why they had to eat rice again when they just had it yesterday. “Because you’re African, that’s why.”  Classic! In my days, who gave you the guts to even question? Lol well, sometimes we did, but never got favourable responses or even reactions.

As senseless as this post has been, I have to end it here to go attend the beans and plantain I cooked last night for today- Sunday.


12 thoughts on “Rice, because you’re African. 

    • My dear, I hated beans! But now I’m grown enough to cook it however I want. Lol I don’t mind it much these days, and the fact that it’s great for this #fitfam thing is a plus.

  1. lol @ beans waiting on you. Priceless. Why oh why do many African kids hate beans? My mum made hers with crayfish and with or without palm oil – deelish! Gimme more gimme more please

  2. Loooool ” returning from school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and meeting beans broke you down mentally, physically, emotionally and all the ways possible.” I went to a boarding school growing up so for me beans wasn’t even the height of my problems, it was the fact that the cook made beans draw the same way ewedu would.

    • Oh Boarding school life! I also went to one. For mine -St. Louis College, Jos – our beans wasn’t the best either. It was often not tender enough! I guess that also added to my previous dislike of beans. But thanks to fitness, I love it now.

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