Seeking Forgiveness. 

I’m not sure my mom reads my blog, but in case she does secretly in hopes of using my posts as evidence against me in the family court, mom, this blog is for you. 

It’s just about 1 am on a Tuesday morning and I can’t sleep! Wanting to sleep, I began lamenting on my life and all the sins I’ve committed. 

Right now, at this sleepless moment of mine, no sin is greater than rebelling all those days and nights you forced us to sleep! I just want to say I appreciate you for that. If only I could have those times back, like right now really. 

Bye. Let me count sheep and see if sleep eventually shows up. 


6 thoughts on “Seeking Forgiveness. 

  1. Hahaha… I hated sleeping early as a little girl… I think about it now and am like “I should go to bed at 9pm”??? That is ridiculous… But now, I can just lay in bed for almost an hour waiting for sleep to come, praying and begging God for sleep.. Lol

  2. Sleep? Begging? I have enough solutions for you (only one requires you to be over 18). Hope you didn’t have sore eyes today. I used to be scared of sleep during the era of Freddy Kruger for obvious reasons. Nowadays I can sleep through a horror movie all by myself on a stormy night (don’t be jealous, lol)

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