Show Stopping Eyebrows. 

I didn’t have the best day today. I’ve been feeling ill these past days. All I want to do right now is go home, forget my pursuit of abs and make me some fries and possibly some chicken.

Meanwhile, I just had the most interesting but disrespectful conversation.

This guy just stopped me and handed me a business card. He struck me as someone marketing beauty products, so I didn’t really look at the details of the card.

Instead offering me the card and going about his merry way, dude decided he needed to empty his mind by telling me how much my eyebrows were a bother to him.

I’m certain all the weirdos in this town go after me alone.

Dude: you need to come let me shave your eyebrows.

Me: huh?

Dude: Yes, you need to come let me shave your eyebrows, they look out of place and they need to be done.

Me: huh?

Dude: (In his Jamaican accent) See this picture? Your eye brows need to look like this. It nuh pretty just so, you need to fix it up.

Thanks to the slight headache I have currently and the hunger I’m facing, I didn’t get to dish out a piece of my mind. I simply just laughed and walked away.

Who says my eyesbrows have to look like everyone else’?  Am I less of a lady if I don’t subject my eyebrows to period shaves?

Oh wait! I know what it is.

These out of place and not-pretty brows of mine are the reason the Nigerian husband hasn’t shown up! No, they are the reason sugar is too darn expensive.

It’s not his fault, I should have told him I made  decision at the beginning of the year not to shave my brows. I decided to let them bloom just to see how far I can stand them.

Bushy or not, I’m still hungry and my head still hurts and Mr. Eye Brow is still on the streets trying to see whose brows he can scape.

Oh, for those in the Virgin Islands, I’m posting a picture of his business card in case you need your brows “fixed.”

I’m home now, I’m off to fry me some potatoes.


14 thoughts on “Show Stopping Eyebrows. 

  1. Don’t mind that dude dear, your brows so fine the girl next door sent him to spoil your pretty face cos those boiz been staring and talking about them full brows just like that… Sorry about your headache ko, I’ll send you some Nigerian aspirin and of course some suya… Hehe.

  2. Haha this is hilarious! Much like something that happens to me most days and I still don’t understand why. I learned to just ignore them and no longer complain. It’s rather amusing! I guess you’re a “people person” lol. Enjoy your fried potatoes. Bon appétit!

    • I guess some people just don’t know hot to properly approach strangers. One of these good days, I just might tell off someone. lol. And thanks, I enjoyed the fried potatoes.

  3. Well he’s advertising his business even if it’s in a bizarre manner. I’ve only shaped my brows once and it was my friend of nine years that did it. Wouldn’t trust my brows with a stranger.

    • I like his ambition, I dislike his disregard for respect. He needs a lil more tact. I think I will actually visit his salon and possibly have a talk with him on better ways to entice customers.

  4. I’ve never had my eyebrows done and mine are quite bushy so I get these kinda comments too although I can’t recall ever getting them from a man. Sometimes women will see me on the street and just stop me to suggest I get my eyebrows done; offer to do them for me even lol. I’ve never felt pressured to do them though and most of these people I just smile or laugh at their bewilderment that 1. I’ve never done them and 2. I have no desire to do them and I keep going on my way. I am surprised how much “untamed” eyebrows bother some people.
    I’m sorry to hear about your feeling ill the past few days and hope you will be feeling a lot better soon. If you do really decide to go and talk to this guy about his customer service, I hope he will appreciate the constructive criticism. You have such a kind heart because I would have never though about educating him on his approach after he was so rude.

    • Maggie, I hope someday people will learn to be comfortable with however they choose to live their lives or have their bodies. I’ve had several people talk to me about my eyebrows too! I try to always ignore them.

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