World Jollof Rice Day. 

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today marks a very important today in world history.

Great minds somewhere finally decided to acknowledge and honour one of the world’s greatest wonder, a gift to the world; Jollof Rice.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today, August, 22 is World Jollof Rice Day.

I began spreading the great news a few days when I found out. This morning, after my morning routine, I set out to Twitter to continue spreading the news.

To my dismay, none of the folks I follow had posts or pictures of Jollof Rice. My heart sank! Weren’t they aware? Or did they just decide to be disrespectful?

I considered unfollowing every last one of them and follow only those whose tweets showed up on the World Jollof Day trend. I can’t associate myself with people who don’t see the gracefulness of Jollof Rice.

Anyways, I intensified my efforts to make sure #worldjollofriceday was a bigger trend than what it was when I woke up.

I was so surprised to read a couple of tweets from Nigerians who had their noses up, wondering why World Jollof Rice Day was even a thing.

I almost started a shit storm! Like, just turn in your ECOWAS passport already. They couldn’t possibly be serious about their public criticism of the day.

Aren’t they aware of the struggles Jollof Rice had to endure to get to this day? Have they forgotten that time British chef Jamie Oliver knowingly or unknowingly tried to massacre the meal. Mr. Oliver posted his take on the meal on his website and collectively, good people of West Africa, – from Ghana to The Gambia, Senegal to NIgeria, Cameroon to Ivory Coast, Cape Verde to Burkina Faso,Guinea to Niger –  went up in arms defending the meal that’s been passed on for many many many decades from the Wollof People.

This recognition of Jollof rice was long over due. It should be celebrated. We must continue to guard this West African staple as the Brits jealously guard their not-so appealing fish and chips!

As I tweeted about World Jollof Rice, I began to reflect – deep reflections.

I couldn’t help but think about people who’ve never had Jollof rice before. What a sad life they may be living. I mean, Jollof rice is everything and more. My heart heart goes out to them on this special day. I pray one day, God will bless them with the opportunity to meet a West African who can serve them Jollof Rice – the preferred meal of angels. ( Yes, I didn’t say Nigerian. I refuse to be dragged into the debate on which country makes the best Jollof rice. Today, I choose to celebrate the prestigious meal in all its variation across West Africa).

After my reflections and prayers for those who’ve never eaten Jollof rice, I set out to the store to purchase ingredients for my Jollof rice.

I met a friend and of course, I had to tell him about the main celebration of the day. Can you believe he tried to compare Jollof rice to Spanish Rice?

People, it takes only those with refined taste buds to appreciate Jollof Rice.

In fact, Jollof is in a class all by itself. There are two types of rice; Jollof Rice and then the rest.

One tweet I read implied that anyone who refuses to to serve Jollof rice at a party/gathering could be considered a racist. I couldn’t agree more with their tweet! What disrespect it would be for you to invite good West African people and not serve them Jollof!

I came back home, cooked my Jollof, accompanied by fried goat meat and fried plantains. Move over #fitfam I’m not about to place Jollof rice over you.

I still have some more Jollof left, so I’ll pack it and take some to my cool intern Christina and super cool coworker Chrystal.

Happy World Jollof Rice Day!

(Never knew I’d be this dedicated to the cause of Jollof Rice.  But then, I owe it to the world to talk about this beloved meal. I should add “Jollof Enthusiast,” to my résumé.

Your Jollof Enthusiast,



12 thoughts on “World Jollof Rice Day. 

  1. I heard about the celebration at 10 to midnight and could not let it pass me by. Thankfully we have some jollof in the fridge and me and dh happily (sharp sharp) joined in the celebrations before the clock struck midnight. 🙂

  2. And look at me, thinking I have seen it all.
    Garden of Eden eh? So our darling Jollof Rice recipe was in existence thousands of years before Rice was even discovered? Interesting LOL

  3. Lol, this made me laugh so hard.

    Is there such a thing? Party jollof rice, with its distinct burnt firewood flavour, definitely deserves a public holiday. 😀

    Great post!

    • Hey!
      I’m so pleased you found this funny. Even more, I’m excited to read you agree with the honor bestowed on Jollof Rice! May we all live to celebrate many more World Jollof Rice Days!

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