Grateful Saturdays.

And there's a lovely cup of tea because usually such photos are used in reflective posts! Haha.

And there’s a lovely cup of tea because usually such photos are used in reflective posts! Haha.

Every now and then, i cancel out the world and just get into some deep zone of gratefulness.

Today, August 29 is one of such days.

I woke up relatively healthy, in good spirits, on a bed, under shelter. What’s there not to be thankful for?
A lot of us take these “simple” things for granted. Not many people woke up this morning. Not make woke up feeling healthy or even woke up in their homes.
Some have no limbs, I have limbs, I’m in sound mind and can even type this.

I woke up this morning and did my dishes. I didn’t have to travel miles to go get water for simple things as washing dishes. ( I was going to say brush my teeth, but I’ll be lying. I’ve not brushed my teeth but I’ve had my breakfast. Go ahead and judge me if you’ve never done such a thing)

I’m thankful for music.
Last night, Jeremiah Gyang, a very hardworking and amazing musician released a song – Ladi’s Song.
Today happens to be his fifth wedding anniversary and he released the song, which speaks about his wife, on this special day.
I’m grateful for music that gets you so happy and gets you thinking about love and all the possibilities it brings with is. ( I’ll like to tell the Nigerian Husband to take hints from such a great song, but I’ll just respect myself and be quiet.)
I’m forever thankful to God for great music and the ability to listen and hear. Many are deaf and can’t enjoy music the same way I do.

I’m thankful for family.
Seriously, this is blessing i should be thankful for everyday and even celebrate. I should keep in touch with family a lot more than i do now. Life really is short not to remind them often of how much i care. (Simple phone calls do the job, you don’t have to be all ‘I love you’ and all) I’m thankful for a group of people I can call mine. A group that accepts me for the introverted, selfish, crazy and annoying person I am.

I’m thankful for everything. I really can’t mention all, but I’m thankful today.


3 thoughts on “Grateful Saturdays.

  1. Nice post, reflections are good from time to time and being thankful makes one realise just how amazing it is to wake up every morning to hear the birds sing and to even watch the sun rise from the east… Like you rightly said not everyone had that chance today but we did. Thanks for making us remember that dear…

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