I Must Ride A Bike.

Yes, I don’t know how to ride a bike and I’m almost 30.

Worry not, I shall learn before Christmas. I enlisted the help of my office husband and the every so helpful intern to teach me.


My classes began this evening and thankfully, there were no falls or very embarrassing moments. I hope it stays that way.



6 thoughts on “I Must Ride A Bike.

  1. Congrats and I hope you keep working on it. It’s a great way to workout without putting too much stress on your joints and once you start to get to riding alot, your legs and butt will surely develop into calorie burning machines. Who knows, perhaps your Nigerian husband is looking out for you to ride by on your bike and capture his heart as you zoom by. 🙂
    I can’t ride a bike either and I’m pass 30. I did start taking lessons sometime back but that was like once or twice when I was helping at a Bsafe event.

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