Smoothie Smite. 

Dear Nigerian Husband, 

Here’s a cup of smoothie I made just a while ago after my very intense workout. 

I’m not even sorry that you can’t taste how delicious and refreshing this tastes. You’ve refused to show up and as such, you’ll just have to watch from a distance as I make these lovely dishes and drinks. 

Anyway, in case you care to know what’s in this lovely glass and how you can make it, here’s a list of all the antioxidant goodness I used. 

– A full cup of mixed berries- raspberry, strawberry, blueberry. 

– Half a cup of Chobani yogurt. 

– Two bananas 

– Handful of seedless grapes. 

Blend all together until seeds are completely grinded. 

That’s it. I’d say enjoy, but we all know you can’t, shouldn’t enjoy anything before you make yourself known! 


Yours in marriage eventually, 

Nigerian wife. 


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