Frustrating Flu. 

Girls and boys, gentlemen and ladies,

The witches and wizards in my village finally got me! Let me explain. 

Since the year began, I’ve done an okay job at avoiding the flu. I’ve eaten my fruits and vegetables, vitamin c is almost my middle name- I can eat at least 5 oranges in 15 minutes, there’s almost always some sort of citrus in my daily tea.

But no, the witches and wizards in my village were apparently annoyed by my intentional ways of avoiding the flu.

They plotted so hard, and finally got me this week. I’ve been off work since September 17. I’ve slept, I’ve been a bum, I’ve eaten and I’ve enjoyed almost every bit of this short vacation. That too, pissed them off.

The evil witches and wizards decided on Wednesday to mess up the rest of my vacation. I started out first with mild headaches and then the very sore throat! By Thursday night, my nose was stuffy and I had a bit of a fever.

As I type, and as you read, my nose is still stuffy and thanks to my mouth, I can inhale some oxygen.

Friday was horrible! I’m sure I’ve used at least half of the roll of paper towel in my kitchen. Saturday has been just as bad. I was lazy all morning, had zero energy, but managed to leave my bed at around 1 pm.

I decided to somewhat arrest this flu that’s held me hostage for the past three days. The ingredients in my fridge were my only way out. ( I’m not a big fan of main stream pharmaceuticals- I firmly believe in the saying that urges us to make our food our medicine and our medicine our food. )

I made me a powerful green smoothie to address the already progressed cold/flu.

Ginger, Apple, celery, kale, banana, pineapple, lemon juice, cucumber.  Blended it all together and then added some coconut flakes.

Shaaaame on you witches and wizards, go and tell whoever sent you that you didn’t succeed entirely!

Watch out for a healthier me in about 24 hours.


2 thoughts on “Frustrating Flu. 

  1. So sorry to hear you’ve been sick and I hope you will soon be better, especially after taking your power smoothie. You should also try going to the beach…it will help to knock out any stuffiness and also help if you have trouble sleeping.

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