Introvert Problems. 

Many people are often surprised when I tell them I’m an introvert. Only my very close friends – one or two people- actually know how terribly introverted I am.

This photo wasn’t taken today, but it’s the closest photo that somewhat describes my mood.

That said, over the last two-three weeks, my flatmate had been house-sitting for a friend. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

Coming home and knowing it was me alone and I didn’t have to have conversations with anyone was bliss.

He didn’t really give me a clear date of when he was returning home, so that made me somewhat uneasy and threatened my joy.

I got so used to being alone that today, I declared it a No-Human-Interaction Day. I thought his house sitting was going to last until eternity.

My plans of not seeing a soul today and not even going through my front door came crashing down before me.

I’m not necessarily happy right now. I mean, I don’t have to interact with him or anything, but I was planning to be alllllllll alone.

Humans exhaust me. Sometimes.

I deal with humans well enough when I have to. Too much social- human interaction drains me mentally. I was counting on this day to ring me into a good spirits for the up coming week.


My No-Human-Interaction  Day has been totally ruined.


8 thoughts on “Introvert Problems. 

    • I don’t want to 😦 I’m out Monday thru Fridays and most times during the weekend too… I thoroughly enjoy days when I have no work obligations at all. I’m truly sad.

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