Don’t Whine, Drink Wine.


Last week I attended a wine tasting event/expo.
Needless to say, there was wine, more wine and then some.


It was an opportunity for me to kind of practice all those wine facts I happen to have stored in my head for a while.
For example, I got to swirl the wine in the glass, sniffed and then did the whole spreading it inside my mouth thingy. For that 40 minutes I was there, I was a wine expert.

My interaction and interviews with attendees word like dry, sweet, fruity, oak and other wine terms were thrown around. You couldn’t tell me I didn’t know what I was doing. I got to talk about wine glasses too. For example, which glasses you use for whatever wine you’re having. I also spoke with a wine expert about what meals to whatever bottles of wine with.


I left the event without deleting evidence of me drinking on the job. Unfortunately, now my boss now has evidence to use against me, never. In my defense, i couldn’t possibly write a story without actually experiencing what the people felt right?

(This post sounds so useless and makes no sense to me. Bye)


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