Quitting My Job. 


Yes girls and boys, gentlemen and Ladies!

I’m quitting my job as a

reporter and photographer to become a hair stylist, hair dresser, or whatever else you call folks who do your hair in a salon.

I’ve enjoyed being a reporter, freezing memories through photos and just being a good human by keeping others informed. However, the time has come for me to take this life to another level.

I’m going to become a hairStylist. Why? You ask? I’ve had very terrible experiences with hair stylists over the years. I rarely do visit, but the times I’ve gone haven’t been all that great.

I’ve written posts after posts recounting not so pleasant experiences I’ve had. People, nothing has changed over the years. So, I’m joining this league of mostly women, who callously deal with my hair and have zero regard for my time.

In October, I set up an appointment for today – December 18 – and I was told 8 a.m. the time would be.

People, I woke up early today, got in my happy mood thinking this beautiful hair dresser would be here waiting to hit the ground running with my hair.

Ha! The joke was on me. I got here right at 8 and she wasn’t here! Fine, she may have had an emergency or something. She comes at about 5 past 8 and well, I wasn’t expecting an apology or anything. She didn’t apologize.

She goes on to start working on another customer’s hair. It’s about 8:30 now and she’s still working on the other lady’s hair and no word.

I’m quitting my job to become a hairstylist. As a reporter, I can’t do things as I feel like and have no repercussions, I can’t not show put interviews and e pest my clients to take my seriously. I just can’t. And I hate that about being a reporter.

When I become a hairstylist, I can do as I wish and still have clients come knocking on my door. Heck, I can even play jokes on them, have them looking like clowns by making them book appointments even more than half a year in advance. They’ll walk in and I can do as I please, even have them wait at least 45 minutes more. Hair stylists still get clients, because for the most part, a lot of them are good at what they do.

Not sure when this hair of mine will be worked on, but I hope it comes at the best at least.

I’m done!


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