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Mushroom Tacos.

Things have been going good, kind of, in the eating vegetarian/ vegan front. I can’t complain much.
Vegan and vegetarian meals actually aren’t boring. You just need to be dedicated. I’m still striving to be completely off meat. I’m doing well of diary too. Let’s see how this goes and how long it lasts. I hope it lasts a while. The workouts are going well too.

Yesterday, I had Continue reading

Let’s Talk. 

I enjoy working out, I also enjoying eating healthy. Exercising more or less, is what takes up most of my free time during the week.

Today’s workout was about 45 minutes of aerobics, more than 30 minutes of skipping and then some abs. sorry the photo is blurry, my selfie stick game sucks.

So please, I hope you don’t see this as a cliche, but one of my resolutions, resolve or personal commitment this year is to work out some more. Secretly, at the back of my head, I’m working out for a summer body. It’s summer all year round in the Virgin Islands so I really should have a summer body all year round. But nah… There’s so much temptation out here.  ( there’s meatpie almost always in my freezer, I enjoy cooking jollof rice and I enjoy good wine)

But for real, this year I plan to be a bit more committed.

Last year I began having smoothie at least five to six times a week. Before I went off to vacation at Christmas, I also ant off the wagon.


This was dinner after my workout today. Blueberry Smoothie. made with banana, strawberry and almond milk.

Also, last year I was vegan and then vegetarian and then meat eating, then began, then vegetarian. I really was all over the place. In 2016, I hope I can be consistent between two – vegan and vegetarian. For health reasons, I have to.

But I’m back this year. I’ve not done so well for the first 19 days, but it’s never too late to recommit myself to achieving summer body for 2016.

It’s not going to be easy, but I’ll do my best. I will fail at it, but I sure will get back up and keep working for that summer body. I just might post about it every now and then.

Smile, live, laugh, love and fart out loud; life is incredibly too short.


The Ultimate Stalking Guide. Vol. 2

Ladies, (or gentlemen)

There’s no time for long pleasantries, we’ve got a pressing matter before us.

This 2016, we will be seizing the bae aka The Nigerian Husband, by force. He will hide, but we will find him.

This year, our photo must be on all the wedding pages on Instagram – Bella Naija Weddings, Wedding Digest, Nigerian Weddings, you name it. All those girls getting married do they have two Continue reading

I Can See My Husband.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

Towards the end of 2015, I began to doubt if you exist and why you’re taking forever to show up. I also wondered if your parents really did raise you right and all that jazz.


But being the good girl I am and the amazing Nigerian wife I know I will be, I decided to turn all that criticism inwards. I made the decision to look within and see what I was doing wrong.

You’re a good man, from a good family and as such, you’ve been taught never to keep women waiting.
After weeks of introspection, I got an epiphany. The reason you’re not here with me is Continue reading


Girls and boys, gentlemen and ladies,

Happy 2016. I wish you all the best that life has to offer in this new year.

I’ve not had written posts for quite some weeks now. Honestly, I’ve had lots of inspirations to write and blog, but I let them slide away most of the time. However, It’s a new year, I plan to Continue reading