Girls and boys, gentlemen and ladies,

Happy 2016. I wish you all the best that life has to offer in this new year.

I’ve not had written posts for quite some weeks now. Honestly, I’ve had lots of inspirations to write and blog, but I let them slide away most of the time. However, It’s a new year, I plan to blog some more and attempt to keep you entertained in so doing.

One of the things I really should have blogged about was my trip to Guyana over the Christmas holidays. I went to the South American country to visit my best friend, who I hadn’t seen in nearly three years.
I enjoyed my short stay there. Her very hardworking family was constantly cooking and feeding me goo Guyanese meals – curry included.

I visited a black water creek. Coming from the Virgin Islands, where we’re surrounded by serene turquoise waters, I had somewhat of a hard time going to the black creek water. Even though I didn’t swim in it, I still appreciated it and enjoyed looking at people swim in it. I’m sure If I visited the creek a few more times, i’d be one of those swimming in it.

I do enjoy traveling, but I also enjoy the interactions I have with random strangers on planes or airports.
On my way back from Guyana. I sat next to a guy from Barbados on the connecting flight from Barbados to St. Kitts. As usual, I started up the conversation. I noticed he had an Apple phone case for a phone that wasn’t an Apple product. The Apple fan I am saw that as a window to talk to the guy. The trip was about two hours long, I couldn’t seat there just quite.
I had a very good conversation with the dude, so much so, he he opened up to me about his plans to engage his girlfriend of many years.

The issue was, he was nervous about the move. I tried in my very limited relationship experience to try calm him down. I’m not a guy, I’ve never been engaged to, but I tried to calm him down and make him feel comfortable about putting a ring on the lady he says he loves and one who stood by him through many rough times in his life. I’m so excited for him. He plans on getting engaged in a few days from now. I’d say his name, but I don’t want to jinx anything for him. He says he’s going to look out for our conversation. My dear travel companion, I wish you all the best as you make the move! I wish you two many more years of love and happiness.



3 thoughts on “2016.

  1. Hi My traveling friend I have finally proposed, it went fantastically well you can’t even begin to imagine how much that conversation on the helped me in building the courage,so thanks lol for that good deed and I am really enjoying your blogs so keep them coming. All the way from Barbados happy new year and hope u have a magnificent 2016🍷🍾🍾

    • Awwww! Congratulations! I’m glad you got the confidence. I’m reading this with a very big embarrassing smile on my face. I wish you and your fiancé all the best Stefan.
      Yes please, do subscribe so you don’t miss any post 🙂

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