I Can See My Husband.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

Towards the end of 2015, I began to doubt if you exist and why you’re taking forever to show up. I also wondered if your parents really did raise you right and all that jazz.


But being the good girl I am and the amazing Nigerian wife I know I will be, I decided to turn all that criticism inwards. I made the decision to look within and see what I was doing wrong.

You’re a good man, from a good family and as such, you’ve been taught never to keep women waiting.
After weeks of introspection, I got an epiphany. The reason you’re not here with me is  because I’m almost blind.

Yes, that’s right. I’m almost blind. Without glasses, I can barely see. When I say I can barely see, I mean it.

I’ve passed friends by many times when I’ve not had my glasses on or my contacts in. I’ve been labeled a snob by so many people who’ve waved at me and I haven’t reciprocated simply because I couldn’t tell who they were.

Quite possibly, you may have been one of those folks.
You may have winked at me from afar and thought I was ignoring you. You have have left me signs and proposals on road signs and bill boards and I’ve been unable to read or see them.

All that will now be a thing of the past.

Believe me, I don’t think being with a woman who can barely see is in your plan at all.

Vision is very important. How on earth will I make you all those delicious Nigerian meals if I can’t see? How will I take care of your children? How will I clean that mansion you’re building for the big family we’re going to have?
How, oh how will I entertain all your friends when they come to visit our house?

Trust me, now I understand why you haven’t shown up. I apologize for being mad at you and for even reconsidering your existence. I’m truly sorry.
It’s not been you after all. It’s been me.

So I decided for 2016, I will work on my vision. Before Christmas, I visited the eye doctor, who happens to be Nigerian and an acquaintance of mine.

After nearly an hour on that hideous seat and enduring all kinds of lenses going on and off my face, the guy lets out a deep sigh. “Oh boy, all this time I know you, I no know sey you no dey see at all…” (All this while I’ve known you, I never knew you couldn’t see at all)
Of course, he said all that jokingly.

So as the beginning of the year is often a good time to start things afresh, I’m renewing my hope in you showing up. Firstly, I’m working on my eyes.

I just got new glasses. From now on, please go on head and flirt. I can see you clearly now.


The coast is clear; come make yourself known.


Yours in marriage eventually,

Ngovou, your future Nigerian wife.


29 thoughts on “I Can See My Husband.

  1. lwkmd, abi oh. I pass peeps on d road too cos I can’t strain my eyes to see them, but it is well. Let us hope you’ll meet him this year.

  2. Reblogged this on The Crazy Nigerian and commented:
    This was an enjoyable read which I highly recommend! @ Vou – Are you sure the husband you’re searching for is reading this? Enjoyed this and all the other odes/letters to FH. This is your year BY GOD’S GRACE (as they say in Nigeria)

    • Don’t mind that husband! This year, operation seize the bae is in session. If he doesn’t see me, he can rest assured I can see him! I didn’t get the new glasses just for show.

  3. People think I’m a snob too when I don’t wave back at them. They have no idea that I could barely see someone 10 feet away from me, haha

    Cheers to a year of better vision Vou!

  4. Dear wife your glasses is fine it makes you more beautiful in my eyes to my heart, don’t worry it will bring you good-luck this year to see me all the time,, Note; don’t think I’m scared because of what you said o in the last paragraph! ”- please go on head and flirt” why? i have never been caught before., So yo can go on and read the sign post and billboards i left signs for you that’s if they have not removed them by now or better still because of i love i could put them again so you’ll know this time its me and for that doctor that said my wife to be is totally blind, bae! if not that we are on air and you don’t like it when ever am vulgarer would have said (his own eye gongon needs washing and setting,…)*lol* kiddin.. i’ll join you very soon i promise

    with love
    Dear husband

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