Dirty Thirty Tea Party. 

Girls and boys, gentlemen and ladies,

2016 is the year to do grown up things, at least for me, it is.


I have a list of adult things and activities I want to do this year. One of them is to dress up some more and be a bit more social. That was exactly why I didn’t think twice on accepting the invitation for a tea party on Saturday.

My natural hair sister, Jenuel celebrated the first anniversary of her 29th birthday, aka the dirty 30. ( yes, that’s totally a thing!)

Jenuel informed me of the party on Friday, and thankfully, she mentioned the dress code; elegantly casual.

Knowing myself and what I have in my closet/ drawers, I knew there was nothing tea party worthy, or maybe, something adult enough to wear to a tea party. So, I dragged my colleague, Christina, to go shop for a tea- party- worthy dress. Something floral, yes!

We found this, in my not-a-dressy-lady opinion, a knee-length white and green and blue floral dress. I liked it. I also got me a sling bag and faux pearls. I felt so grown.

The next morning, I got dressed and waited for my lift to the party. I totally just ‘adulted’ around the place.

I got there and was so happy to be there. My natural hair sister Jenuel is possibly one of the few positive people I know. I’ve not seen her without a smile, ever. You can’t be around her and not have smiles and laughter. I felt honored to have been invited to her 29th birthday 1st anniversary. ( All you girls in your early: mid 20s, take that! We refuse to feel a day over 25!)

A well laid out table, fresh flours, nice and sweet soul music playing in be background. ( been a while I listened to India Arie and Jill Scott – thanks gor the good music Jenuel.)

Guests at this intimate and elegant event were well dressed and I was glad I took the time to dress up. I long to do more of that grown up lady things this year.

Also, for 2016, I want to take more time to explore my environment and fun things the Virgin Islands has to offer. With that said, Jenuel’s party was held in her family’s cottage, which is available for short term rental or possibly longer.

The very cozy, secluded and ‘vintagely’ laid out cottage is definitely a place I’ll want to rent for a weekend sometime in the future. Jenuel and her mother Jenifer do a great job at keeping the property attractive.

Any ways, back to the party.

The menu at this first anniversary of  29th birthday party was, let’s see…, amazing! Bacon, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, ham, fruits, champagne, tea. Look, there was a lot to eat! Jenuel, please I’m always available for such parties! I know you need folks to subject themselves to such terrible treatment. I don’t mind being a Guinea pig at all. Thank you very much.

After we stuffed ourselves, some of the guests, most of whom are Jenuel’s closest friends, helped in creating a list of 30 things she could do in celebration of her 30th birthday. Dance bare feet in be rain, go on a blind date, volunteer for a day, donate to a charity, eat something new and more.

After the well prepared meal, we all helped to clean the cottage before we left.

I left feeling like such a lady. I want to do more of such things this year. But among other thing so, this year I wish Jenuel smiles more, be successful in plans to become the nurse she’s always wanted to be and continue to be the source of joy she is. Jenuel doesn’t look a day above 24. By the end of 2016, I hope she’s as wise as a 65 year-old but look as young as a 21 year-old.

Folks, 2016 is going to be a good year.


7 thoughts on “Dirty Thirty Tea Party. 

  1. My natural sister I will be honored to use you as my guinea pig in the near future. Terrible treatment awaits lol

    Love the article!!!

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