Their Anacondas Dope! 

I don’t do so well with people intimidating me.

I’ve endured this for so long, but it’s time to do something now.

See, sometime last year, there was this sudden influx of women with incredibly massive butts in my aerobics class.

There’s nothing that can convince me that said ladies didn’t deliberately plan their invasion in order to intimidate we, not-so-endowed women.

As time went by, it appeared a few of them gave up on the gym. I thought all was well again until lately when I noticed there were a bunch of new faces. Guess what? Quite a few of them, again, have bit butts!

What is it? Isn’t there a place anymore where we, kind-of, flat butted women can workout, hangout and fellowship without being judged?

Today I watched in dismay as a few of them went on shaking their behinds without due consideration. But don’t worry fellow not-so- endowed sisters, I did the best I could. I’m not sure how well I represented you all, as I was positioned between the ladies with the biggest behinds. It was hard, but I did my best and that’s all that matters, I guess.

There’s got to be an end to this butt bullying. Surely, if we start squatting early enough, in 10 years, we might have a chance next to these women.

Oh… I’d talk about all those with waist trainers or whatever, but I’ll save that for another time. I need to get ahead on this squat in game + I need to have my evening smoothie.

And trust me, I’m not jealous, at all!


7 thoughts on “Their Anacondas Dope! 

  1. Your title cracked me up!
    As a fellow less endowed lady (seriously I don’t know how I can have thunder thighs and no booty) I stand solidly behind you. Stay strong sister! Up ya squat game if you have to too 😉

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