Best Places on Earth to Live. 

Let’s just get you out your misery right away. The first best place to live is Jos- Plateau State, Nigeria.

This post is about the second best place; the Virgin Islands (British).

These lovely set of islands aren’t perfect, but I love calling them home for many reasons.

For example, the people. 95 percent of residents are amazing and caring. I guess that should go without saying for such a small territory. Although, every now and then you come by one or two people with nasty attitudes from hell, but I’ve learnt to deal with such people. Diplomatic or not, I’ve learnt to deal with it.

Before this evening, I hadn’t exercise intensely in about two weeks. I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office for a while with not-so-pleasant health reports/diagnosis, so I decided to kind of, take things easy.

However, today I decided to attempt to get my groove back on. Things went nice and well, my playlist of mostly Nigerian jams was everything I needed to keep going, or so I thought.

I went the first 2.5 miles full of energy and with optimism for the next 2 miles. Half way to the top of the hill – I was hiking/brisk walking/jogging – it began.

I started feeling a bit dizzy, my head began to spin and I felt very “fainty.”

I tossed it off as me being a bit out of shape and my body trying to adjust to working out again.

Nearly five minutes later, I couldn’t dare take more steps up the hil. I grabbed on tight to the guard rails and eventually conceded and sat on the ground. I could feel myself going south. I immediately thought of calling a friend, but I couldn’t even muster enough mental energy to type the name. Thank God, somehow my landlord’s contact information came up and I managed to call him. But before he could come collect me, a driver stopped and asked if I needed help.

The driver, who’s possibly in his early 70s  drove me straight home and kept asking if I was okay and if I didn’t want to go to the emergency room.

Glanville Penn is his name. I thank God for people like him who make living in a small and laid back place worth every minute. I’m not sure if I’d have received  prompt help if I was in a big city and was about to pass the heck away.

When I got home, my landlord gave me a hearty beef stew and vegetables and later some chocolate pudding.

Now I’m going to be a lot more aggressive in dealing with anemia, but I’ll remain grateful for the humanity that still exist and for people who allow themselves to be used by God.

6 thoughts on “Best Places on Earth to Live. 

  1. Sorry to have read you were not well. I concur we are the best place in this region! I will have to come Jos to see if it is the best in the world lol Take care of yourself Vou!

  2. Sorry about that rough experience. I had a similar experience once and have learnt to take it slow on a first day after breaking off ever since. I hope you’re better and thank God for that heaven sent driver. And yeah sure sharp! Jos is the best!!! 🙂

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