Fabulous Friday, April. 

While I wait on inspiration to write, please enjoy staring at these photos, which aren’t all that great. 



5 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday, April. 

  1. “not so great”? Says who?!
    Everything about the pictures, I like. And that Camera! I’m thinking about getting one (a serious camera) even though my bank account keeps telling me to “kam dan”
    One more thing, I love your outfit (is that still used these days). The colours go so well!

    • You’re too kind.

      If I tell you how I got that camera eh… Lol I entered a photography contest where the entry with the most “likes” won a sum of money. I rallied alllllllllll my comrades around the world to vote and we won the money, which was used in buying the camera. Lol
      Yes oh, “I love your outfit,” is still being used. Lol thanks.

      • What a story! “Alllllll my comrades made me laugh, the word comrade is forever tied in my mind to Animal Farm and a certain Adams Oshiomole.

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