I Was in A Fight.

I’m sorry for not writing anything for so long, but please, let’s get to the heart of the matter.


Me and mom during my visit home in 2013.

My older brother was getting married, and me along with other family members were working so hard to get things together.
Preparing for a typical Nigerian wedding means having your friends, neighbors, family, cousins’ friends’ friends gathering in your home to help cook and put final touches in place.

Needless to say, this big crowd usually brings with it unwanted drama and people who don’t care much about you but your food.

My mom being the loving but always “extra” person she is, decided she wanted to specially make vegetable soup and pounded yam for special guests. She made it her personal project, leaving all the other helping hands to handle other things like jollof et al.

I’m not a fan of big crowds especially in any home setting, so for the most part, I walked around making sure everyone was alright. All of a sudden, I heard arguments coming from one section of the compound. My mom was there peacefully trying to chop the vegetables for the pounded yam when one over zealous aunty felt my mom wasn’t doing a good job and so, she decided to yell and haul insults at my mother.The I-know-too-much aunt bullied my mom and told her very mean things.

Boys and girls, I wasn’t about to stand there under the guise of being respectful and watch some woman disrespect my mother in her own house, so I stepped in. I yelled at that aunty with all the voice I had.
It was my brother’s wedding, my mother’s son’s wedding and things were being done in her house. She could do whatever the heck she wanted, she could chop the vegetables however and in whatever sizes she deemed fit and no one, not even the queen of England could bully her and tell her otherwise.
After I gave that ‘aunty’ all the words she needed, she walked out and others who belonged in her camp followed her.  All who remained in the house stayed because they wanted to help and enjoyed being there not because they wanted to dictate how things should be done…

It was all a dream, and that was where I woke up.



9 thoughts on “I Was in A Fight.

  1. Lmao. Dream? Biko is the wedding even real?
    It’s good you gave her a piece of your mind. You’d have felt bad for a long time if you hadn’t done anything when you knew you could have tried

  2. Vou!
    What a dream!
    I’m usually calm and tolerant of most things but anyone who attacks a member of my nuclear family especially my parents, especially my mother would get it from me ten times.
    I was nodding with approval as I read…. then I saw it was a dream :-p

  3. I was feeling all the tension and then you said it was a dream! Great writing, the stress of preparing for something can definitely manifest itself into some bizarre dreams, haha.

  4. OMG! I was already having a visual moment right here! Being Nigerian, that is not a difficult picture to imagine…hahahahahaha. Great writing!

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