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Beautiful Man. 

no, hes so beautiful, we cant expose him to the elements. 😂

Because God is good, he made a man so beautiful. 

Beautiful beyond looks, beautiful beyond brains, but beautiful even in his quest to know more of God. 

Just a short blog post, bye. 

World Jollofrice Day. 


Last year, some very wise person decided to declare August, 22 as World Jollofrice Day.

That person would probably be getting a nicely cooked and garnished plate of Jollofrice from me if I knew who he/she was.

Last year, I was sure to observe the day by cooking a nice pot of jollof for myself. This year, I won’t be cooking any on the official day, but next weekend for sure. However, I was at a baptism reception today and I had more than three plates of jollof. Please judge me, I don’t care.

Here’s a poem I’ve written to commemorate this auspicious day, this day on which we recognize the best meal God inspired,  recipe handed down from generations to generations, Angels’ meal of choice – Jollof Rice.

Be My Jollof.

Let’s make love, no let’s Continue reading

Does He Even Pray For You? 

(Intro to Letters to The Nigerian Mother)

Dear Nigerian Mother,

He prays.

He prayed with me the other day. He thanked God for me, my day and everything. He prayed with me.

I’ve never been one to pray, pray, pray or talk about God all the time, but this feels right.

Ma, if anything ever comes out of this, I think it may end well.


Your Nigerian daughter.