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Male Crush Everyday.


I’m just going to go ahead and break all social media protocol, laws and standing orders.
We all know WCW is for Woman Crush Wednesday, but Continue reading

I Proposed, Now What?

And when I marry you, Beautiful Man, I’ll buy you a private jet.

Beautiful Man, your confidence shines just as bright as the sunYour aura can be compared to the chiefs
Your hands hold firm like the workers of the land.

Beautiful Man, let’s go meet your people,
Let me know when my people can meet your people, we’ve got palm wine to bring.

I’m going to marry you Continue reading

I Should Have Been Married.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

Let me tell you something, apparently, I should have been married. I’ve been trying to tell you this since I began these Nigerian Husband letters more than two years ago, but you’ve refused to listen.

DSC_0160 (1).jpg

Perhaps my experience yesterday will hasten your steps.

I love my job, 90 percent of the time and this is largely because of the exciting and interesting people I interview almost every day.

Yesterday, I visited Henrietta Smith, who celebrated her 100th birthday on October, 25.
Lady is soft-spoken, gentle and kind, but Continue reading

Harrison’s Cave, Barbados¬†

Hey guys,

I visited Barbados for a couple of days last week.

Thanks to my friend Jenuel for taking her day off from school to show me around the land of flying fish. I didn’t have any flying fish though, but I’ll be back for that and also my doze of Cheffette!

Apart from walking around Bridgetown and catching the Continue reading