I Proposed, Now What?

And when I marry you, Beautiful Man, I’ll buy you a private jet.

Beautiful Man, your confidence shines just as bright as the sunYour aura can be compared to the chiefs
Your hands hold firm like the workers of the land.

Beautiful Man, let’s go meet your people,
Let me know when my people can meet your people, we’ve got palm wine to bring.

I’m going to marry you
Put you in my mansion,
Feed you pounded yam and vegetable soup,
Satisfy your hunger in every way
Carry your twins
Raise the children that’ll carry your beautiful genes – tall, handsome, beautiful, loving and kind, God-fearing and cute.

I’ll put you in my mansion, make sure you don’t lack, protect you like the like lioness guards her cubs

I’ll marry you, parade you around as the man who owns my heart
Show you off to my friends as the man who loves and makes my mansion more than just a building.
I’ll marry you, put you in my mansion where jokes abound,
I’ll marry you, put you in my mansion where the Word feeds us
I’ll marry you, be the arms that comfort you after a long day!
I’ll marry you and provide for you, emotionally, physically, financially and heck, sexually!

Please, tell your people to prepare I’m bringing my people, we’re coming with the best and freshest palm wine.


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