Archive | December 2016

Christmas Dinner. 

Dear Nigerian Husband, 

You’re missing out. I don’t know what else I need to do to show you I’m ready for marriage. 

I’ve done almost everything I possibly can. This Christmas has to be the peak of it all. 

I hosted Christmas dinner for the umpteenth time. I have photos to prove it all! 

Next Christmas I better be cooking all of these in our matrimonial home. I know I said 2016 is the year we seize the bae, but 2017 is really the year. 

I’m done. Look at the photos and the people who enjoyed your woman’s cooking. I’m mad. Bye. 

Oh Christmas Tree. 

Two years ago, I made a great investment; I bought a $50 Christmas tree. 

The owner of my gym enjoys decorating anything she lays her hands on, so each hear, she decorates Christmas trees and sells them. Three years ago, I purchased one and I still own it to this day. In fact, it’s Christmas Eve and I just put up my tree. 

By put up my tree, I mean, I simply pulled it out the closet it’s been hiding in since last Christmas, and plugged it in. Everything still works. I’m going to keep this tree until Beautiful Man and I can buy our first tree and decorate it by ourselves. 

Merry Christmas, folks. I wish you peace, joy that comes from Christ and lots of food and laughter. I have a menu to put together. No rice this time, we shall make moin moin for Christmas lunch.