World’s Best Grandma.

No, this isn’t subjective and I’m not even being biased or anything, I have the best grandmothers in the world.


Over the past week, I was in California for my cousin’s wedding and also spent lots of time with family.

Apart from being very happy with my cousin over his wedding and being ecstatic about having one more cousin (in-law,) I was happy to see my grandmother, who I hadn’t seen in three years.

Ngo, as we call her, was also happy to see me. I straight out went into disturb-the-grandma mode, something she pretends not to like, but deep inside, I know she does. I love playing with her chin, I did a lot of that during my trip.

But I also left feeling inspired.

Ngo, who is in her mid – late 80s raised her children to be very hardworking and decent and I dare say, she’s reaping the results. She doesn’t need to work a day in her life, but she still keeps busy.
Apparently, for a few months, she’s been going around collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans for recycling. She made about a $150 over the last month and she couldn’t be more excited.
Being the very generous woman she is, she still shares that money to those who don’t have. She gave me a break down of how she intends to spend the next money she makes from her little business.
Before I left, she had a wand of money from which she wanted to give me some. I took out a dollar bill from the bunch and handed her the rest. I’ll keep that dollar for as long as I can.

But of course, in keeping with most Africans’ mentality of wanting a woman married so badly, Ngo wouldn’t let me leave California without giving me the marriage lecture.
Shortly after the wedding reception, she sat me down for at least an hour pounding on me the need to “settle” down. After all, she got married before she was 20 and so did one of my aunts. And as a matter of fact, one of the aunties was done having all her kids before she was my age. (Dear Nigerian Husband, don’t let this happen again. lol)

I’m so proud of my grandmothers. Here’s a photo of the other amazing grandmother. I wrote about her a few months ago.



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