It’s My Party, I Can Cry If I Want To. 

It was yet another 19th birthday yesterday.

Unlike my other 19th birthdays, I wasn’t excited about this one any bit. And I do recognize that was quite ungrateful of me as I didn’t have any valid reasons not to be happy about another year. I’ve been fatigued mentally and physically in the past few days and yesterday was no different.

But I had several moments that jerked me into gratitude.

First off, my landlord, who has been a father to me, made me breakfast. He had balloons, and decorated the table while music blared from his computer. I can’t thank God enough for Henk.

I got to the office and was buried in my work as it was production day. Somewhere around mid day, I got flowers delivered from the Nigerian Husband. He had planned it with my former colleague and friend. Beautiful Man knows I loves flowers, he delivered.

Throughout the day, I got several phone calls from mainly family members and close friends and I couldn’t help but temporarily get out of my funk and be entirely grateful for the love that surrounds me even from thousands of miles away.

Before I left the office, my colleagues surprised me with cake and English Party rings and a beautiful card.

And just when I thought the surprises were over, Beautiful Man did it again with a surprise gift: gift certificate to my favorite spa. (I’ll have a post sometime in the future about this guy… we all wish for that romantic partner, I think I’ve found mine ❤)

I returned home to a salmon dinner by my landlord. 

I may have sulked most of the day, but deep down, I was grateful for the thoughtful words and affection I received.

As I begin yet another “19th” year on God’s beautiful earth, I’ll make a much more conscious effort to live in the moment, appreciate the wonderful gems God has blessed me with and most of all, try to be a lot less moody.

Live, love, laugh.


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