Dear Nigerian Husband,

I’ve not written you in quite a while. I’m sure you understand. We’ve both been busy settling into life.

But even through the hustle of this new life, I’ve decided to make life easier for you as well. I guess one of the reasons you’ve not come for my hand in marriage was the distance between us. As your name implies – Nigerian Husband – I figured you’d be in Nigeria. I understand, you might have been fearful of the long flights/two day journey to come from Nigeria to the Virgin Islands to see me. I’ve forgiven you.


But being the good Nigerian wife my mother has been training me to be, one of my sole duties is to make your life easier, even if it means coming right under your nose. So, I’ve moved to Lagos, Nigeria. Thank Hurricane Irma, she fast tracked the decision/move.

With distance conquered and all, I think our marriage will soon be a reality, no?
That said, I’m not really sure what happens now.
Let’s assume you’re already in my life, our families have met, I love your family, your mom, especially.  ( She may or may not cook the amazing meals, may or may not have the best jokes and dance moves) We may or may not be assuming all these, but who’s checking to see if this is fiction or reality. Haha.

img_3043So, assume you’ve asked me to marry you and all, when do I just get to show the people of the world your face? Do I get to smear all my social media pages with photos of us staring at each others’ faces, or photos of you wrapping your legs around me as a gestures of you marking your territory.

I mean, I’m all for public display of affection and all, but what if the witches and wizards/people of my village are ghost followers on my social media accounts, just waiting to see your face and details about you so they can send the princess of the village to marry you instead of me?

But what if the fear of the witches and wizards/my village people isn’t/wont be a reason for me hiding your face? What if I’ll just want to savour the relationship we may or may not have built over the last two years, maybe three years, maybe five years or even 18 months? What if I’ll just want to keep that special for us and maybe a few people that we may consider special to us?
But then, I could still choose to keep our relationship special and still share my happiness with the hope that it inspires someone to keep moving and believing in love, if that’s their thing?

I don’t know, why do I even need to be pressured to keep you a secret or to make you public? I mean, it should be my happiness to share or hide right?

Yours in marriage,
Nigerian wife

( I think this has been a poor attempt at taking a slice into why people are for or against public display of affection especially on social media) I want to know, what do you think about social media PDA.


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