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Once Upon A Time.

Many moons ago, I was somewhat consistent with providing content on this blog.

I apologise and I have to be honest, I can’t promise that this will be the last time I’ll be gone on long and unannounced haitus and all. But I pray you stay with me or at least click when you see a new post.

Not so much of an update – trust me, there’s a lot of update to come – I’m simply here to quickly record for posterity the little I’ve learned about myself over these past months.

As I announced sometime last year, I got laid off my job. Rewind many years ago, I thought I knew myself ; a go-getter, hustler, negotiator, talk-my-way-out kind of person. But oh, the joke was/is on me.

I’ve learned that I can be quite unmotivated at some of the most serious things in life, but thank God, I’m learning I can talk to God about it, but most importantly, trust that He’ll help and guide me, but I have to take the steps.

I love to write, infact, life without writing would be so sad. However, I’ve learned that I write the most when I’m emotionally balanced or should I say “happy.”. When there’s so much to think about, I write less and tend the share less about myself.

I worked in media for about 12 years so I thought I communicated well enough. Ha! Life with my partner is teaching me otherwise. I’ve come to realise I’m HORRIBLE at communication. I think to myself a lot, discuss with myself and get so comfortable doing it that I forget this life isn’t just all about me alone. This marriage life is now “us” and not “I.” I’m still adjusting.

Still a lot to learn about myself.

On a lighter note, I can brag and say I’ve mastered jollof rice and I got amazing compliment from The Nigerian Husband the other day. I about to move on to pounded yam.

Please stay with me.