How We Met (I Got Tired of Church.)

Dear Unborn Children,

A few days ago on the 1095th day of your father and I knowing each other, I began telling you the story of how it all started. I had to make it short as I didn’t want to bore you with all those tiny details. Apparently, your curiosity has gotten the best of you as well as other aunties and uncles who have read my letters to you behind your back. (Adults these days, I tell ya!)
I digress.
See, when your father and I met, I didn’t think we would go beyond being friends. On the surface, he fit the perfect picture of a player. I wasn’t about to get my heart played and dumped like used diaper. I had to thread carefully.


This card was among surprise gifts he gave me on our first Valentine’s Day together. Inside, he referred to me as his Future Mrs. Man, dude was seeing way into the future already.

Even as I moved with caution, your father was so intriguing: our conversations were really good. We could go for hours just chatting about nothing and anything. Hardly an hour went by without some kind of communication. (I’m sure he’ll remember when

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My In-laws May Not Be Happy.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

It’s been many weeks since I last wrote you. A lot has gone on, but they may be inconsequential for now.

I’ll shoot straight.
I’m afraid your North Eastern Nigerian family members may be looking to come kick me out of my matrimonial home if

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“If You No get Change, No Enter.”

Dear Nigerian Husband,

I know you’re a man of class. I’ve kept this away from you, kind of. But I was once a Danfo bus conductor. For a day.

Hang on, don’t crash the plane. Let me explain.

“If you no get change, no enter.”
If you’ve been to Lagos or have lived in Lagos and haven’t heard that sentence, your time in Lagos has been a waste.
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Hurricane Irma Happened.

It’s exactly three months since Hurricane Irma slammed the Virgin Islands. I’ve had a short post updating everyone on how I was faring. Well, a whole lot has changed since then.


Escaped from Puerto Rico to California just hours before Hurricane Maria hit the United States territory.

Irma came, I lost my apartment, my office got pounded, I left the Virgin Islands, returned to Nigeria, got married to the Nigerian Husband and we are expecting a set of twins. A lot has  Continue reading

Bring Back My Shoe.


Yes, I want my shoe back.

I’ve been back on my fitness grind and all excited with the little changes I’m seeing on my body. Needless to say, the results have been fueling me to keep going.

Hence, this morning, I got up early, packed all my work stuff, got changed into my work out wear and got extra clothes.(Plan was to exercise, shower at the gym then be at the office early)
I’ll be covering an assignment tonight and may not have the time to attend aerobics this evening.

I was all excited and was even thinking of which songs I’ll workout to when I get to the gym. The last step was to wear my shoes…

I found just the right shoe and

couldn’t find the left leg!

Certainly, this shoe has got to be under the couch on the porch.. Phssss, it wasn’t! Next, I thought my neighbors were playing a prank on me.

Immediately, I thought my Jamaican neighbor had it. I was sitting on the ‘throne’ this morning when I saw his him pass by on my porch.  I was convinced he had them and was even telling my landlord that the neighbor must stop being silly.

I got mad but not super mad. I was sure I’ll walk upstairs and he’ll just hand over my shoe. Again, I was wrong. He didn’t have my shoe.

My exercise plans came crashing down right before my eyes!!! I couldn’t workout this morning.

I’m mourning the loss of my shoe. It may look really old, ugly, big, uncool and all that nonsense, but I want it back! That’s my only exercise shoe! Bring back my shoe!

This pair of Nike sneakers has seen me through a lot. It’s seen me through one break-up, several stressful days and even many happy days.


I’ve done many 5 mi + runs with this pair. This shoe has anchored me on several socarobic and aerobic sessions.

The last time that shoe was seen was Saturday evening while I was cleaning my apartment. It was right in front of my door beside the couch. There was no sign of any suspicious activities going on.

I even wore it on Saturday to the gym. If I knew that was the last time I’d be seeing it, I would have stayed at the gym longer. This isn’t the life I bargained for this week. I hoped I’ll eat right, work out like a pro and burn a lot of calories! 😦

I want my shoe back!

Now my only guess as to the whereabouts of this shoe is- the neighbor’s dog must have been a bit too excited and ran off with my dear Nike shoe.
The first time I saw that dog, I didn’t quite like it. If you ask me, I’d say the dog is silly and stupid. How can a dog be too friendly to just randomly run to your apartment and want to jump on your lap? sigh.No dog, we aren’t cool. you can’t just run around the place like we’ve been friends. I mean, even the landlord’s dog, which i’ve known for years doesn’t dare come by my apartment without my permission.

Anyway, I think my neighbor’s pest pet, may have gone away with my shoe,

I want my shoe back 😦

Folks, I’m accepting donations for a new pair. While you all flood me with requests on how to donate, I’m also accepting free espionage services as well as intelligence on how

we can recover my shoe.



Meanwhile, I got these yesterday afternoon! You needed to see me working out at the gym… I felt so flyyyyyy!

Cruising For Lunch

Cruising For Lunch

Girls and boys, gentlemen and ladies… As we type, I can barely focus on the stories I have to write within the next two hours.

My mind is still roaming round my visit to Riviera, one of Oceania Cruises’ newest babies. I was invited to tour the ship and have lunch for the second time in one year.
I had such a great time and left with lots of great ideas for my Nigerian Husband…. Wherever you are my dear, I want you to know there’s no pressure whatsoever…

More on this cruise ship visit when all my stories are done and when i’ve managed to work off at least one quarter of the calories I consumed!

TIll then, please enjoy staring at this photo I took of my desert- “A la Minute Poached Floating Island” (Pink Pralines and Roasted Pistachio cream)

Sleepy, stuffed and tired,

BREAKING NEWS- Dinosaur Remains Found In the Virgin Islands!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dinosaur remains have just been discovered at Long Trench, on the beautiful Island of Tortola, Virgin Islands.
The 50-feet long baby dinosaur was discovered by Shaquanana “Never-tell-a-lie” Jango shortly after he began digging into the rocky hilltop soil on his excavator, Thursday morning.
“Maan, that heck was big. Meh think seh ah duppy,” Jango said. “Jah burn duppy! Fire pan duppy!”
Scientists from the renowned Fellowship of Fake Dinosaur Discoveries have since arrived on Island to confirm what specie of the extinct creature Mr. Jango may have seen.
Fake News Reporters will bring you more updates as they become available.

Okay folks, relax! This clearly is a lie. If you believed that piece of crap, then by all means please slap yourself…lol

I had to do it.
I’m fed up of people thinking as a reporter I must know every little thing going on around the country.
So this afternoon, I tried to at least put a stop to it…hahaha
I was at the bank and the teller asked me what the latest news is/was.
I paused for a minute and told him dinosaur remains had just been discovered on the island.

This guy who should be in his mid twenties totally believed me. I told him the news was still being kept a secret until scientist confirmed what type of dinosaur it is. I even told him the creature was as big as half the bank lobby.

I know… I’m a very bad person, but how can someone in this day and age believe that that bit of news could possibly be true for a such a tiny Caribbean island?

Bless his heart!