730 Days.

Dear Nigerian Husband,
It’s been so many moons since I wrote you any letters.
Happy day 730.
There’ve been some tears, lots of laughter, farts, silly jokes and a couple of fights that don’t last hours, these seven hundred and thirty days have been amazing. We technically didn’t choose each other, but take me back to the first day and I’ll choose you.
Here’s to many more days of smelling your farts.


Long Time No Post.

It’s more than three months since I posted anything. This has to be the longest hiatus I’ve been on.

This still isn’t a proper post, I will be back with lots of details on things that have kept me away; New apartment, amazing relationship, job, beautiful family, keke napep accident, cooking new dishes, additional unwanted body weight. So much to update you guys on. From next week, I will have a post once a week. I’m experiencing so much in this new home of mine – Lagos, I can’t not share.

Stay smiling, life is short.

For the Love of Ankara.

I now work with a Travel, culture and tourism outlet that deals with everything African.

I can’t even tell you how much I feel at home here: i’m encouraged to wear ankara outfits any day of the week. My boss shows up to the office with flowing ankara dresses, the most beautiful african inspired jewelry and all.
Last week, she gave me fabric and inspired the style in the photo. I’m excited about wearing more ankara.


Dear Nigerian Husband,

I’ve not written you in quite a while. I’m sure you understand. We’ve both been busy settling into life.

But even through the hustle of this new life, I’ve decided to make life easier for you as well. I guess one of the reasons you’ve not come for my hand in marriage was the distance between us. As your name implies – Nigerian Husband – I figured you’d be in Nigeria. I understand, you might have been fearful of the long flights/two day journey to come from Nigeria to the Virgin Islands to see me. I’ve forgiven you.


But being the good Nigerian wife my mother has been training me to be, one of my sole duties is to Continue reading


Happy New Year, I wish you all the good things of life this year.

So much has happened over the past few weeks, all for good, thank God. In due time, I’ll write about them in detail.


Photo: Musa Tukurah Photography.

I’m not one to keep New Year resolutions and all that jazz, so I’ll Continue reading

Life After Hurricane Irma.

When the rain started pouring in, it poured on me. I couldn’t even cry. I’d have been a brat to do so after surviving a vicious storm.

My neigbours were God-sent. Despite having a leaking roof and barely enough comfortable space themselves, they never for once told me to leave. That night, we all braved the rain pouring from the roof and the next morning, Continue reading

Hurricane Irma Happened.

It’s exactly three months since Hurricane Irma slammed the Virgin Islands. I’ve had a short post updating everyone on how I was faring. Well, a whole lot has changed since then.


Escaped from Puerto Rico to California just hours before Hurricane Maria hit the United States territory.

Irma came, I lost my apartment, my office got pounded, I left the Virgin Islands, returned to Nigeria, got married to the Nigerian Husband and we are expecting a set of twins. A lot has  Continue reading