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I Survived Hurricane Irma. 

Words can never be enough in thanking God for the ordeal we’ve/are experiencing here in the Biritish Virgin Islands. 

I survived Hurricane Irma! 


I Should Have Been Married.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

Let me tell you something, apparently, I should have been married. I’ve been trying to tell you this since I began these Nigerian Husband letters more than two years ago, but you’ve refused to listen.

DSC_0160 (1).jpg

Perhaps my experience yesterday will hasten your steps.

I love my job, 90 percent of the time and this is largely because of the exciting and interesting people I interview almost every day.

Yesterday, I visited Henrietta Smith, who celebrated her 100th birthday on October, 25.
Lady is soft-spoken, gentle and kind, but Continue reading

Eating Out 101.

Thank my colleague for that headline. If my blog paid, I’d be giving him some royalty for each hit this post generates.

I’ve had one too many posts about terrible service I’ve received at several restaurants and businesses.IMG_8002 (1)

Needless to say, if there’s one thing that grinds my gear,it’s got to be mediocre service.
In the last year, I think I’ve boycotted several eateries around my office. It’s getting so bad, that Continue reading