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Frustrating Flu. 

Girls and boys, gentlemen and ladies,

The witches and wizards in my village finally got me! Let me explain.  Continue reading

Whatever Mr. Flu, I’m Going Out!

DSC_0584Whatever Mr. Flu, I'm Going Out!

I’ve been sick since Wednesday and haven’t left home since. I miss being outdoor. This morning, I realized I’ve not taken a photo in a few days. It feels weird.

I really don’t know how I managed to get the flu. Usually, I don’t get the flu easily.
The thing has just refused to go, making it somewhat difficult to leave home. I don’t want to be the reason the entire nation comes up with a flu.

Well, this afternoon, I took matters into my own hands. Not taking a photograph in days isn’t acceptable.
I went on the porch, placed my sneakers on the railing and just decided I’ll take a shot!

So there you have it, a shot of one of my favorite footwear.

If flu won’t allow me go to town, I won’t let it deprive me from taking photos on my porch.

Smile, laugh, live, love, fart and be silly. Life is too short.