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It’s My Party, I Can Cry If I Want To. 

It was yet another 19th birthday yesterday.

Unlike my other 19th birthdays, I wasn’t excited about this one any bit. And I do recognize that was quite ungrateful of me as I didn’t have any valid reasons not to be happy about another year. I’ve been fatigued mentally and physically in the past few days and yesterday was no different.

But I had several moments that jerked me into gratitude.

First off, my landlord, who Continue reading


World Jollofrice Day. 


Last year, some very wise person decided to declare August, 22 as World Jollofrice Day.

That person would probably be getting a nicely cooked and garnished plate of Jollofrice from me if I knew who he/she was.

Last year, I was sure to observe the day by cooking a nice pot of jollof for myself. This year, I won’t be cooking any on the official day, but next weekend for sure. However, I was at a baptism reception today and I had more than three plates of jollof. Please judge me, I don’t care.

Here’s a poem I’ve written to commemorate this auspicious day, this day on which we recognize the best meal God inspired,  recipe handed down from generations to generations, Angels’ meal of choice – Jollof Rice.

Be My Jollof.

Let’s make love, no let’s Continue reading

Sushi All Day, Every Day

What’s up guys,

Here, please enjoy looking at this roll of California crab shrimp I ate a few weeks ago. I wasn’t entirely foolish to eat that sushi without taking photos of it. I thought of days like this when I’ll have nothing sensible at all to blog about.

I'm one of those that enjoy taking photos of meals I love, now go ahead and sue me.

I’m one of those that enjoy taking photos of meals I love, now go ahead and sue me.

So please, continue to gaze at this until I get inspiration on what to blog about next. Also, consider this part of my attempt at being nice. At least, no one would complain about me not sharing or anything.

(Looks like I have more than enough words to stop here.)

Live, love, laugh, smile, fart out loud and be silly; life is incredibly too short.


Almost Vegan Dinner. 

 Dear Nigerian Husband,  I’ve not been to the gym in almost three weeks. Needless to say, there are a few unwanted flabs here and there.

Until I’m able to go to the gym again, I shall try my best in the kitchen department.  Here, my favorite and go-to/feel-healthy/easy-to-prepare dinner; kale, mushrooms and salmon.

I made Nigerian meals, you didn’t show up, now I’m making meals a typical Nigerian man would consider as snack. Let’s see if this makes you show your face.

Yours in marriage eventually,  vou.