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Wild and Heartless; All You Africans

Yup, that’s what a lot of people thinkā€¦ I think my flat mate is one of such people.

So I just got home less than 15 minutes ago and I decided to go check in on my landlord’s kid as his dad is away.
Upon getting to my landlord’s apartment, I met my flatmate.
“Guys, come and see the most craziest and coolest videos ever,” he said.

Before the video began, he said “Oh it’s from Africa.” (As if that’s one reason every must watch)

It was a video of some leopard swimming/floating in some river.
I immediately asked him if it was gruesome, as I try not to watch anything horrible or anything that’ll have me mad.

His response just made me walk away. (Trying to put some ignorant person in their place after such a long day wasn’t on my agenda for the night.)

“C’mon Vou, you can handle it. You’re African!”

So there you have it. All Africans can handle gruesome videos. You can stand watching people being torn apart by animals. As an African, you know too much about animals of the wild! For pleasure, you enjoy seeing things being killed. You’ve got no heart and don’t like animals.

Basically, you’re African and you’re heartless and primitive.

I’m done. I need to go shower, have some dinner, finish up some office work and sleep.

I can’t deal with ignorance this night.