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Somewhere In The Middle. (A Year Back to Nigeria)

It’s exactly 366 days since I returned to Nigeria.

A few days ago, the Nigerian Husband and I laid on a blanket on the bare living room floor relaxing and he goes, “ So when was the last time you blogged?”
That got me thinking and hit me that I had actually let go of my love for writing. That question asked tactfully, birthed this blog post. You guys have this good man to thank.

Three hundred and ninety three days ago, my life changed. DSC_0362

See, before Hurricane Irma, my life in the Virgin Islands was pretty simple and chill: I woke up at about 7:30 a.m. to prepare for work and then leave for town with my Continue reading

Aging Gracefully and Strong.

Part of my beat as a reporter here in the Virgin Islands entails me interviewing and documenting the lives of some of the territory’s senior citizens.
This is something I enjoy doing. You seat for an interview with these seasoned residents and you leave feeling refreshed and with a very new and joyful outlook on life.

One of the seniors i’ve interviewed is Carmelita O’Neal.
Ms. O’Neal lives just a few yards away from my office. Each time we meet, she has the most inspiring things to say and is almost always grateful for like.

Monday was no different. I was standing outside the office when Continue reading

The Joys of Reporting.

Dear Nigerian Husband,

I live and work and in Nature’s Little Secrets- the Virgin Islands- and can’t thank God enough for such an opportunity. I wake up with lush green hills laid before my apartment, with the lovely blue skies and a view of the ocean. Live is generally good.

The Virgin Islands is just a tiny little spec on the map. Heck, the population is just under 30,000. There are a few unpleasant and grumpy folks, but generally, everyone is nice, jolly and cheerful.

My dear Nigerian Husband, I can’t wait for Continue reading