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Happy New Year, I wish you all the good things of life this year.

So much has happened over the past few weeks, all for good, thank God. In due time, I’ll write about them in detail.


Photo: Musa Tukurah Photography.

I’m not one to keep New Year resolutions and all that jazz, so I’ll Continue reading


Beach, Please. 

Boy and girls,

Be jealous, be very jealous. I live in possibly the most beautiful places on earth, next to Jos Plateau State that is.

Before this afternoon, I hadn’t been to the beach in many months.

There’s a beach just about 20 minutes walk away from my apartment. I think it’s quite ungrateful of me not to frequent the lovely beaches that surround the beautiful Virgin Islands.

Like yesterday, my plan for today was to be in bed all day. My landlord managed to convince me to go to the beach. I’m glad I did.


Life is great. Peace, love, unity and beach sand.

Bad Customer Service.

Here’s the deal.

There are few a lot of things that piss me off. Top on the list is terrible customer service.

I have a wedding to attend this Saturday and because I can’t be bothered to wear what I have and because I’m kind of being financially irresponsible, I’ve decided I want to buy new outfit for this wedding. (My excuse; I don’t get invited to weddings often enough.)

So, on Tuesday, along with two of my colleagues, I set out in search of a pencil skirt and a blouse. I found the skirt in a store I already don’t care for too much.


First of all, I walk into this said shop and the supposed sales representative is seated backing customers and on her phone. Fine, she’s probably responding to her mother or her child is in the hospital, or she’s hungry and can’t be bothered. Good, all that should only take her a few seconds. You really shouldn’t be on your phone with a lot of customers roaming around your shop, but whatever really.

Why did I even think that was an issue, there were a few other customers before me and they all appeared to have been fine with navigating the store without help. I’m just so darn petty, I tell you.

I fell in love with the leopard print pencil skirt, but I couldn’t wrap my head around giving my money to this lady who looked like she didn’t care to be there and whose body language was spewing how much she disliked humans. ( I dislike humans too, so I know and I understand to some extent.)

Despite me throwing comments in the air about not being served, this lady, customer representative  woman didn’t even move an inch.

Now, if you know me or you think you know me, you’ll know that sometimes my mouth has no gate, especially when it comes to me spending money and more so, when it comes to customer service. (I should start getting paid to teach customer service/ sales reps how to treat customers like myself.)

I couldn’t take this woman’s attitude, so I walked up to her and asked if there was a customer service representative in the store.

With all the attitude in the world, she said “yes, me.”

( My colleagues thought I was about the embarrass them, so they walked out… Swear they can’t take me any where HAHA)

Me; Well, we walked in here and no one said a word to us, plus I needed help in that area there and no one offered to help, so I’m just checking.

Her: Didn’t you see I was trying to help this lady here? You see she has a shoe in her hand. (Said lady with the shoe in hand happens to be a friend she was chatting with.)

Me: ** Blank stare**

Woman kept looking at me without an apology until I walked out.

I really want that skirt and I won’t go there and be treated as though I’m begging for the skirt, or as though I’m borrowing the skirt. So, I’m going to go back to that store but only if her boss is there or another sales representative  is there. She should be collecting my money with a smile, not a frown.

I’m done.

I went back into the store and was greeted by two lovely young ladies. They were happy to have a customer walk in the door.
I needed to settle my score though, so I had them call the owner and I told her about my ordeal. She apologized and assured me that it wasn’t her business’ policy not to treat customers right. and guess what, she gave me 50 percent off my purchase. I walked out there with a skirt and a lovely pair of platform heels – items I’m looking forward to wearing tomorrow.

Let’s Talk. 

I enjoy working out, I also enjoying eating healthy. Exercising more or less, is what takes up most of my free time during the week.

Today’s workout was about 45 minutes of aerobics, more than 30 minutes of skipping and then some abs. sorry the photo is blurry, my selfie stick game sucks.

So please, I hope you don’t see this as a cliche, but one of my resolutions, resolve or personal commitment this year is to work out some more. Secretly, at the back of my head, I’m working out for a summer body. It’s summer all year round in the Virgin Islands so I really should have a summer body all year round. But nah… There’s so much temptation out here.  ( there’s meatpie almost always in my freezer, I enjoy cooking jollof rice and I enjoy good wine)

But for real, this year I plan to be a bit more committed.

Last year I began having smoothie at least five to six times a week. Before I went off to vacation at Christmas, I also ant off the wagon.


This was dinner after my workout today. Blueberry Smoothie. made with banana, strawberry and almond milk.

Also, last year I was vegan and then vegetarian and then meat eating, then began, then vegetarian. I really was all over the place. In 2016, I hope I can be consistent between two – vegan and vegetarian. For health reasons, I have to.

But I’m back this year. I’ve not done so well for the first 19 days, but it’s never too late to recommit myself to achieving summer body for 2016.

It’s not going to be easy, but I’ll do my best. I will fail at it, but I sure will get back up and keep working for that summer body. I just might post about it every now and then.

Smile, live, laugh, love and fart out loud; life is incredibly too short.